Closing a deal with a new customer shouldn't be considered the end of the sales pipeline. Instead, it marks the beginning of the customer success journey. A client's experience, feedback, and, ultimately, their satisfaction with your business can help inform your future strategies and how you update products or services. It can also turn a new client into a loyal customer. (Let's not forget that boosting customer retention even by just 5% can increase profits from 25-95%!)

Client reporting is central to customer success, enabling you to keep open communication lines with your customers and demonstrate how your products or services meet their needs. A good client report will summarize what your product or service has achieved and how it has helped them progress towards or meet their goals. It will also highlight key performance metrics (KPIs) and present suggestions or solutions to any challenges.

However, client reporting can be incredibly time-consuming, leading to marketing and customer success teams spending too much time putting together data and reports or, even worse, not reporting frequently enough. Automation can facilitate the client reporting process in several ways, ensuring that your teams can maintain valuable touch points with your customers without sacrificing other elements of their work.

Here's how automation can simplify and transform the client reporting process:

Keeps client data organized and up-to-date

Integrating automation solutions like Wrk's into your day-to-day processes ensures that the data in your CRM and customer service platforms is consistent across the board and up-to-date. This means that all the information will be accurate when building a client report.

Extracts relevant data and metrics to build a report

Decide what KPIs are relevant to your client, such as social media engagement, revenue, and customer satisfaction, and our automation solution will automatically pull the data from the right sources. Whether it's parsing their customer reviews to gauge satisfaction or assessing revenue growth, the numbers will be ready for your team to analyze, so they don't have to spend valuable time hunting them down.

Generates professional and visually dynamic reports

On top of prepping the numbers and data, the right automation tools can save your customer success teams significant time by automatically generating graphs and charts and arranging them in a personalized report or presentation. From there, all your team has to do is analyze the data and present the findings.

Streamlines presentation scheduling

Client reporting automation can be scheduled regularly (say, monthly or quarterly) to ensure you stay in touch with every client and demonstrate your product's or service's continued value. On top of that, it can facilitate the scheduling of client report meetings and presentations so that your team's and customers' time is well-spent with back and forth trying to find a suitable date and time to catch up.

Learn more about automating client reporting

Ultimately, automating steps in the client reporting process will save time and resources while promoting greater transparency and stronger relationships with your clients. Automating data extraction and report generation takes time-consuming tasks off your team's plate, enabling them to establish more regular client reporting and improve the client experience.

If you want to learn more and see this automation tool firsthand, demo our Client Reporting Wrkflow today.