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Conquer your Customer Success challenges

Wrk completely automates simple to complex processes, so that your Customer Success team can focus on what’s most critical—face time with high impact clients and nurturing strong relationships with all customers.


Customer Success & Automation

In our Customer Success Hub, you can sift through our comprehensive Survive Today, Thrive Tomorrow white paper, watch an informative interview that we did with Stephanie LeBlanc, and explore our customizable Customer Success Wrkflows to your heart’s content.

Discover Ready-to-Use Wrk Actions to Automate Your Customer Operations Today

  Retrieve data from a website (Human)
Retrieve content from any public website using our human workforce. Inputs: Website link and instructions Outputs: Configured in the "Fields to capture" section Outcomes: Success or no result
$0.25 / result
  Retrieve domain traffic details
Retrieve domain traffic data for a domain. Traffic data includes metrics on the number of visitors, clicks, duration of visits, etc. Inputs: Domain, Country Outputs: Target, rank, desktop visits, mobile visits, etc. Outcomes: Success or no result
$0.3 / result
  Retrieve data from a row in Excel
Retrieve data from a specific row in an Excel Spreadsheet. Data should be organized as a table with column headers in the first row. Every row other than the headers represents a set of data to be captured. Inputs: Excel file and row number Outputs: Configured in the "Fields to capture" section Outcomes: Success
$0.005 / result
  Capture a screenshot of a website
Take a screenshot of a specific element or entire webpage on a website. Please refer to the documentation for configuration details. Inputs: Browser session ID and screenshot type Outputs: Screenshot Outcomes: Success or no result
$0.05 / result
  Call to inform
Place a phone call with a provided script to inform the call recipient about certain information. Note: phone calls will only be made between 10AM - 7PM EST Monday to Friday. Inputs: Phone number and call script Outputs: Call recording link, call recording start time, and call recording duration Outcomes: Success or inactive number
$0.25 / result
  Edit cell value in Google Sheets
Edit the value of a cell in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Inputs: Spreadsheet link, value, column, and row Outputs: None Outcomes: Success
$0.005 / result

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Using Wrk for Customer Success

129 Free Results / Month

Get Direct Contact Information for Leads with Automated Lead Enrichment

Emails, phone numbers, firmographic and demographic data for each contact.
Google Gmail
129 Free Results / Month

Get Firmographic Information for any Company with Automated Company Enrichment

Get firmographic data like number of clients, employee count, and annual revenues for any company.
Google Gmail
184 Free Results / Month

Discover Untapped Sales Opportunities with Real-Time Press Release Monitoring

Get a list of prospective buyers sourced from press releases.
Google Drive
Google Sheets

Managing Customer Success Teams During Unprecedented Times

Our Director of Marketing, Kelsea Gust, sat down with Stephanie LeBlanc, Director of Customer Success at Coveo, to unpack the impact of recent unprecedented times on Customer Success teams. Learn how Stephanie maintains strong ties with both her team and customers in this remote world, how constraints breed innovation, and what lessons she seeks to apply post-pandemic.

For sound, click the bars to the left of the gear icon in the video control bar.

Wrk integrates with all your favourite Customer Success Tools.

Need to integrate with software that doesn’t have a public API? No problem. Wrk doesn’t rely on APIs to connect to your systems, so there’s nothing standing between you and the data you need.

“Customer retention has always been a key strategy to foster a loyal client base. In fact, many experts believe that a 5% increase in customer retention rates can yield more than 25% in profit increases.”