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Full Service Automation

No matter the complexity of your process, trust the Wrk's team of automation experts to automate it for you.


Your automation expert
will automate for you

Work with a dedicated automation expert to analyze your processes and develop a comprehensive automated solution that delivers your business needs, no matter how complicated the process.

Save Time

Wrk is proven to help teams reduce the amount of time spent on delivering tasks by 60%.
Save Money

Most organizations see upwards of 20% cost-cuts by digitizing and automating their processes.
Increase Efficiency

Focus your team on what they do best by taking away the mundane and time-consuming tasks.
Get started with a free
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Automate with Me

Let us build your automation for you, no matter how complex it may be.


One time cost. Then pay per Wrk Action delivered or sign an annual contract for volume discounts.

  • Access to all Wrk Actions
  • Access to new weekly Wrk Actions
  • Access to full library of Wrkflow Templates
  • Dedicated Automation Expert to build, launch and optimize your Wrkflow
  • Custom Wrk Action development
  • Email, chat & video support

Frequently asked questions

You pay a 1-time fee of $999 for the automate-with-me package or $4,999 for the automate-for-me-package. That is the price you pay for the design and build of your Wrkflow. During this build process, our team will analyze the requirements of your process and quote you a per-unit-cost fee that you will pay based on your consumption every month.

For example:

  • A report might cost you $1.50 per report
  • A verification of documents might cost you $5.50 per document verified against your checklist
  • A data entry process might cost you $0.10 per data point entered

* No commitment: If you find the unit cost too expensive, you have no obligation to use the wrkflow that was built.

You will be working with your automation expert to provide exact details of how you want your process to run. This typically includes up to 3 rounds of minor modifications to the original scope of the process described.

Rest assured, our team will do everything to make sure your automation works exactly as you expect it.

Automate with me is for users who want to learn the ins-and-outs of automating so they can begin using the platform afterwards to build their own wrkflows.

Automate for me is designed for users who want to get to the end state as quickly as possible.

It all depends on the level of complexity of your process, the number of systems you want to interact with, and how may steps have APIs vs. will require bots or human Wrk Actions.

Generally speaking, most basic Wrkflows can be automated within 10 business days.

Absolutely. Wrk has a large library of RPA or script-based bots that can interface with applications that don't have an API.

If that's not possible (or too costly), we can also use our Human-powered Wrk Actions to deliver the result you expect.

As long as your application is accessible over the internet (cloud-based) and not a desktop-application, we can build a Wrk Action to interface with it.



  • Process PDF or image invoices, regardless of their layout
  • Pull data including vendor info and total amount
  • Generate spreadsheets with accurate, formatted billing data
  • Categorize line items with AI to streamline processing