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Wrkflow Template

Prep & Send Personalized Sales Agreements


So you did all the heavy lifting already. You nurtured your relationship. You pitched your product or service. And now you just need to dot some “i”s and cross some “T”s. So how can you speed through the Sales Agreement process without denying a customized experience to your new client? And by preventing any errors or repeated work? Deploy our Wrkflow to quickly send off a templated, accurate, yet personalized document and get that deal!

Reduce time

Don’t waste time constantly starting from scratch and use a templated Sales Agreement with personalized sections.

Provide the same, elevated experience

Prevent errors by only updating the sections that each client requires. Guarantee a customized experience without the extra work.

Close deals faster

Get results instantly. The quicker you can send off an agreement, the faster you’ll be able to close the sale. Don’t let admin tasks get in the way.

Make this Wrkflow work for you

Thanks to our Hybrid Automation approach, Wrk can connect to any software that you currently use for centralize customer data, and in many cases our pre-configured Wrk Actions cover the entire cost of industry-leading tools your team already pays for. Two birds, one platform.

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