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Apollo: Generate 50 Leads, Export to Google Sheet (Your own Account)

Leverage your Apollo account for efficient lead generation at just $0.02 per lead, directly exporting up to 50 contact leads to Google Sheets. This Wrkflow offers a precise, cost-effective way to gather leads using your own Apollo API key.

How our automation works its magic:

  1. Advanced Data Extraction: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our automation meticulously extracts key information from your inputs, meticulously ensuring every critical detail is captured and utilized effectively.
  2. Precision Criteria Matching: Utilizing intelligent algorithms, the system expertly aligns your unique search parameters with an extensive database, pinpointing the most relevant and promising leads tailored to your specific needs.
  3. Dynamic Real-Time Validation: Our system is designed to validate information as it's processed, guaranteeing that the leads you receive are not only accurate but also reflect the most current data available.
  4. Effortless System Integration: Engineered for compatibility, this solution seamlessly syncs with your existing tools, including Google Sheets and various CRM platforms, facilitating a streamlined and interruption-free workflow.
  5. Insight-Driven Custom Reporting: The automation generates bespoke reports from the gathered data, offering valuable insights and analytics that inform and shape your strategic business decisions.
$ 0.01 / Unit
Google Drive
Google Forms
wrkflow (3)
Tailored results for targeted outreach

Set your desired parameters from industry to management level, and receive a curated list of leads perfectly aligned with your criteria.

Cost-effective and efficient

At just $0.02 per lead, get a perfect blend of affordability and data-rich results, directly saved to a Google Sheet.

Leverage Apollo's precision without an Apollo account

Streamline your lead generation with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring every contact detail is up to date.

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