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Crunchbase: Company Series Funding Information

Tired of manually sifting through series funding details? Let Wrk take the lead, transforming the way you access and utilize essential information. Simply share the Crunchbase link, and we’ll extract all info and send it your way.
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Crunchbase: Company Funding Round Information

Manual data hunting is a thing of the past. Our solution guarantees quick and precise data extraction from Crunchbase.

Seamless Communication

Our system doesn't just gather data – it communicates insights effectively through emails with attachments, making sharing a breeze.

Time and Resource Savings

Save time spent manually pulling data into email and excel. Our automation empowers you to focus on strategic decisions.

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Get up-to-date business data, such as investment and funding information, and have it sent to your
Crunchbase Google Slides
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Get Direct Contact Information for Leads with Automated Lead Enrichment

Emails, phone numbers, firmographic and demographic data for each contact.
Get Direct Contact Information for Leads with Automated Lead Enrichment with
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Generate AI-Powered talking points for sales reps

Get summarized employee tidbits, latest company news, interesting facts or anecdotes for your calls
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