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Wrkflow Template

Create AI-Generated Info Cards for New Opportunities


Being an expert on your business is one thing, but prospects also expect you to show up to every call with a thorough understanding of THEIRS. This Wrkflow helps you nail every single customer interaction by pulling specific information on the buyer’s role, industry, and pain points with AI-generated information and creates a customer info card to have at your fingertips. Build a strong and trusting relationship with every single lead. Close deals faster and with a fully customized and elevated experience for your prospects and clients.

Be an expert

Have all the insights into your clients available instantly.

Build everlasting relationships

Make your prospects feel “seen” with custom bullet points from their company and the buyer’s specific role.

Offer the best experience every time

Every lead and prospect will get the same high-standard treatment when you deploy this Wrkflow. You can guarantee that you’ll always deliver the best and most customized experience while saving yourself some time.

Make this Wrkflow work for you

Thanks to our Hybrid Automation approach, Wrk can connect to any software that you currently use for centralize customer data, and in many cases our pre-configured Wrk Actions cover the entire cost of industry-leading tools your team already pays for. Two birds, one platform.

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