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ChatGPT + Google Slides: Streamline meeting prep with AI-driven sales talking points

AI-Powered Talking Points for Sales Reps harnesses Apollo data and AI, crafting talking points enriched with company news for a well-researched impression. Presented on Google Slides, this efficient Wrkflow delivers a tailored presentation to your inbox, ensuring you're equipped for each sales interaction.

$ 0.74 / Unit
Google Drive
Google Gmail
Google Slides
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Efficient Meeting Prep

Utilize AI and ZoomInfo data to reduce preparation time, ensuring every meeting starts with confidence

Informed Conversations

Enriched talking points with company news give you an edge, making you appear thoroughly researched and always in-the-know

Ready-to-Use Presentations

Receive customized talking points directly in your inbox, presented on Google Slides, optimized for each sales interaction

Sample Result

Generate AI-Powered talking points for sales reps (13855)

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