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Wrkflow Library

Pre-Built wrkflow templates to get you up and running, quickly.

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automate your work with Wrk and ChatGPT AI-enabled sales decks

Augment your automated processes with the Generative-AI capabilities of openAI and other large language models.


$0.07 / Result

HubSpot: Email Validation with Task (by Company)

Easy CRM Enhancement: Confirm a valid email address from a company and create tasks within HubSpot.
$0.07 / Result

HubSpot: Email Address Validation with Note (by Company)

Effortless CRM Enhancement: Validate contact emails associated with a specific company and add note
$0.10 / Result

HubSpot: Email Address Validation via CSV File (100 Contacts)

Streamline Contact Management: Download & Validate 100 HubSpot Contact Email Addresses into CSV
$0.07 / Result

HubSpot Email Validation for Accurate CRM Data

Automate HubSpot contact management: email validation & dynamic updates for accurate CRM data.
$0.07 / Result

HubSpot Contact List Validator: Bulk Email Validation & Property Creation

Enrich HubSpot data with bulk email validation. Verify contacts & add "Validation Status" property.