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Wrkflow Library

Pre-Built wrkflow templates to get you up and running, quickly.

Featured Wrkflow

automate your work with Wrk and ChatGPT AI-enabled sales decks

Augment your automated processes with the Generative-AI capabilities of openAI and other large language models.


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Automate Company Department and Headcount Analysis

Get employee counts per department for any company.
Automate Company Department and Headcount Analysis with
$2.83 / Result

Create an Info Deck on a Company Using Crunchbase

Get up-to-date business data, such as investment and funding information, and have it sent to your
Crunchbase Google Slides
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Crunchbase: Company Series Funding Information

Series Funding Insights: Pull company data from Crunchbase directly via email and an excel file.
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Crunchbase + Excel: Retrieve Investor Insights and Export to XLSX

Crunchbase: Pull company investor info in real-time and export XLSX directly to email.
Crunchbase Microsoft Excel
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Crunchbase: Retrieve Company's Latest Articles with for Sales Intel

Leverage Crunchbase for up-to-date sales intel. Harness latest news to boost business insights.