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Wrk Action Library

  Perform an API call in Google Drive
Perform an API call in Google Drive. Please refer to the API documentation for more details on configuration. API doc: Inputs: Endpoint and method Outputs: Response status code Outcomes: Success or unsuccessful
$0.005 / result
  Generate rephrased text with ChatGPT
Use ChatGPT to generate rephrased text. Inputs: Text to rephrased and rephrased type Outputs: Generated text Outcomes: Success _This Wrk Action uses AI-generated content. Like all AI content, use with caution; information may be outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate._
$0.01 / result
  Verify if website contains images
Verify if the body of a website contains one or more images. Advertising images, social media logos, and small logo images in general are not considered in the verification process. Inputs: Website link Outputs: None Outcomes: Yes or no
$0.05 / result
  Retrieve company details from Yelp
Retrieve the details of a company from Yelp. Inputs: Company profile link Outputs: Company alias, name, rating, review count, etc. Outcomes: Success or no result
$0.1 / result
  Retrieve text from Google Docs
Retrieve text from a Google document using one of these methods: - Retrieve text between the specified header and the next header of the same type - Retrieve text between the specified header and the next header of any type Please refer to the linked documentation for configuration details and the required access permissions. Inputs: Document link, retrieval method, and fields to capture Outputs: Text configured in the "Fields to capture" section Outcomes: Success or no result **Requirements** - The provided link to the document must have editing permissions. - All drives and documents need to be shared with:
$0.01 / result