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Wrk Action Library

  Download attachments from an email in Gmail
Download attachments from a email in Gmail for a given attachment ID. Inputs: File name, file type, file mime type, file id and file data Outputs: Downloaded file, file name, and file type Outcomes: Success or no result
$0.005 / result
  Send email
Send an email to provide or request information. Emails sent using this Wrk Action will be sent from the following email address: "" - if you want to use a different email address please contact support. Inputs: Sender name, email recipients, email subject, etc. Outputs: None Outcomes: Sent or email invalid
$0.01 / result
  Perform an API call in Gmail
Perform an API call in Gmail. Please refer to the API documentation for more details on configuration. API doc: Inputs: Endpoint and method Outputs: Response status code Outcomes: Success or unsuccessful
$0.005 / result