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Case Study

Dataset Annotation Workflow

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Reduce Your Average Delivery Time with the Category Mapping Wrkflow

Businesses are processing more data than ever. As a result, all the technology that enables different departments is also increasing in complexity in order to meet processing requirements.

Choosing to automate the process of identifying, mapping, and optimizing data can help businesses easily identify and map out their names/product titles/classifications to your unique internal nomenclature.

By automating your categorization process you can increase the quantity and quality of your delivery.

Use a Hybrid Approach to Keep Custom Data Organized and Easily Identified

The increase of complexity in technology and the increase of data surrounding all companies has made it more difficult for security, data protection, and for data organization in general. A lack of organization or communication and transparency can prevent teams from fully understanding the data usage across the business and add roadblocks that will prevent you from scaling.

When our client came to us with their roadblock, we were eventually able to reduce the delivery time by 71% and map out the systems in their database much faster than their previous manual methods.

If you're looking for an efficient way to classify and map all your systems without using up all your bandwidth or letting things slide, Wrk has the solution for you. Scale your output and deploy a quicker solution, without the extra cost and time.

The Wrkflow Request

Using a combination of bots and our skilled community of workers, we helped our friends at Brainbox AI save hours of labour and enabled them to scale their operations seamlessly.

In this case study, explore how our Hybrid Automation platform automated name and device classification and category mapping for Brainbox AI's HVAC systems.

Check out the results in our Case Study today!