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Case Study

Ad Compliance Verification Wrkflow

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Add Automation to Your Ad Compliance Process to Guarantee You Always Meet Regulations

Use compliance automation to replace manual processes and track all compliance procedures from anywhere at any time. Those working in strict industries like healthcare and finance, which handle large amounts of regulations in order to stay compliant, need a guarantee that they have every angle covered. Remaining in compliance can make the difference between an efficient process and being the target of litigation.

Change your strategy from being reactive and handling problems when they arise to being proactive and able to anticipate issues before they happen. Make sure you put the tools in place ahead of time to avoid any compliance nightmares.

Save Time and Money with Automation by Mitigating Risk and Avoiding Extra Fines

When you're handling complex rules and regulations, such as HIPAA or personnel data protection, compliance automation provides several benefits that impact security, cost savings, and reporting. It also helps to remove human error and excess time spent on manual processes.

There are several use cases for compliance crawling and one of them is when you need to make sure that digital ads (graphic and video) are 100% compliant and respectful of sensitive data such as prescriptions, medical and health information, or even banking and financial histories.

Manual processes are prone to human error, which can cost hours or even days to rectify if missed or mismanaged. An automated workflow can save a company significant amounts of money and mitigate potential risks.

The Wrkflow Request

When our friends at PranifyRx—AI for Healthcare marketers—came to us looking for a solution for their time-consuming and tedious manual process, we combined our Research Wrkflow with our Data Extraction Wrfklow to identify and capture 21% more ads than their own crawler could find.

Download this case study to learn how we developed a Wrkflow to systematically research medication online, identify PranifyRx's paid ads on Facebook, and verify if the ad was compliant as per FDA regulations.