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Case Study

Lead Enrichment Wrkflow

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Automated Lead Enrichment Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Lists

Working with incomplete and inaccurate data is highly inefficient and won't help to provide high-quality leads. The Wrk Automation Platform helps your teams find the blind spots, fill the gaps in manual inputs, and identifies how to improve them.

When you choose to automate your lead enrichment process, you'll save time otherwise spent looking for missing information and updates. This will also give you more time to close deals and work on nurturing and reinforcing the relationship between you and your customers.

Deliver Consistent Results with Better Quality Leads

Make sure your CRM is always up to date with pertinent and valuable contact numbers, addresses, and even product quotes, to give your team more time to close deals and offer value to their customers. Don't waste time chasing information, let our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow do the work for you, so you can do what you do best!

The Wrkflow Request

Our friends at Notch—a fast-growing restaurant management solution—were spending too much time sifting through low-quality and messy data. They were also wasting valuable hours each week having to continuously conduct manual follow-ups in their CRM in order to get the most out of their subscription lists.

Download this case study to learn how we automate the process of identifying and researching the missing client and lead data, and helped Notch to save valuable time with an automated Wrkflow that worked for their needs and offered immediate results.

Check out Notch's results in our Case Study today!