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Identifying & Recruiting Influencers Wrkflow

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Automate Your Influencer Recruitment and Onboarding Process

Social media may still be considered the new kid on the block when it comes to marketing, brand awareness, and social selling and outreach, but it should not by any means be underestimated or left out of your overall strategy.

The strategy and automation adoption is almost as straightforward as the description of what is social media automation—the process of optimizing social interactions using automated tools.

Social media automation includes scheduling social posts in advance or setting up posts that republish popular articles—in other words, all publication, engagement, and management of social media interactions are automatically taken care of. The choice to automate generally is prompted by how time-consuming it can be to maintain and grow several different platforms all at once. Automation helps you get that time back.

Why Social Influencers Should be a Pivotal Part of Your Strategy

Influencer marketing AKA branded content or working with creators is a crucial way to increase the reach of your unique brand on social media platforms. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach, it requires the right kind of planning and research before picking your automated Wrkflows.

When picking who the best influencers for your brand are, you'll need to understand your audience and what (and who) would resonate with them. In today's digital world, content creators with niche audiences that match your brand can offer a lot of value. When you hire them to promote your products and/or services, you must make sure that they are in complete alignment with your mission, values, and goals. According to Hootsuite, 76.6% of US marketers will use Instagram for their influencer campaigns in 2023, but make sure you keep an eye on the power of TikTok.

The Wrkflow Request

Based out of Montreal, ImageMotion had a mission to create social and brand campaigns for their customers. In an attempt to connect to their millennial and Gen-Z audience, they chose to add influencers for representation and promotional content.

Download this case study to learn how we automate the process of searching for and onboarding relevant social media influencers using the Wrk platform.

Check out ImageMotion's results in our Case Study today!