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Automated Real Estate Business Listings Wrkflow

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Automate Your Bulk Real Estate Business Listings

When it comes to the real estate industry—and so many others—being extremely organized and able to follow up promptly with clients and homeowners is crucial to your success. Whether you're working as a solo agent, or are an agent/broker that is a part of a large team, you can lose thousands of commission dollars if customers are left behind.

Many go into this industry because they have talent and skills when it comes to human connection and have a great ability to establish strong relationships based on trust. But building these relationships take time. And even if you choose to dedicate the bulk of your time to these interactions, all the paperwork will take a back seat and problems will accumulate.

A Quicker Way to Get Through the Backlog

Many agents know how quickly leads can get dropped when they aren't followed up with correctly. Whether they come in through a call, a web lead generation tool, or even as a referral, if the leads don't get a follow-up, they are dead in the water.

But lead follow-ups aren't the only area where you can start to see a backlog. Your rental listing creation can also suffer if you're running out of hours in the day. It might be time to start to look at what sections you can automate (without losing accuracy and consistency) so you can put your whole focus into what you do best—establishing strong creations with buyers and sellers.

The Wrkflow Request

Our friends at Guiker—a high-growth online rental platform—needed a solution to their labourious process of rental listing creation into a simple and robust Wrkflow powered by Wrk's Automation Platform.

Download this case study to learn how with the help of Wrk's Listing Automation Wrkflow, Guiker was able to increase their cost and all-around company efficiency.

Check out Guiker’s results in our Case Study today!