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Penny Appeal Case Study

Branded Brochure Generation Wrkflow

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Automated Branded Profiles Help You Scale With Your Demand

There's a common myth that by automating any tasks that require a more 'personal touch' can come off as cold and uniform, missing out on creativity, customization, and of course, that more 'human' part. The reality is, there are ways to create custom and branded assets, remain flexible, include personalized sections, AND still save time by automating the entire process. Data input, branded brochures, and profile creation is not easy, and when you're looking to scale, you make the assumption that you need to make sacrifices—usually in some form of quality.

When looking to scale your processes, time will be your biggest hurdle. So how can you meet demand and still offer high-quality results? With our Automation Platform, you can unleash your creative power, hold onto your personality, AND make sure you meet every single deadline.

Deliver Consistent and Fast Results, Without Sacrificing Your Brand

At times your processes can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming, especially when you're looking to scale and grow (aren't we all?). With our hybrid approach, we include the personal touch by giving the more repetitive tasks to the bots, and the personalized elements to our human community of skilled workers. This empowers your team to keep your focus on making stronger connections, outreach, community building, and so much more.

The Wrkflow Request

Our friends at Penny Appeal—a global relief and development organization—aims to relieve hunger and water poverty, as well as give orphans or destitute children access to education worldwide. With their unique program, "OrphanKind", donors get paired with a child and they sponsor them in several different ways.

Needless to say, with something so special, it isn't surprising that they would need some specialized support. For this to work, one component is that the orphans need custom profiles, and creating them with Photoshop is a time-consuming and repetitive process. With our mix of bots and community of skilled workers, we were able to reduce their own costs, and maintain their look and feel so each child had a customized profile.

With the help of our Branded Brochure Generation Wrkflow, Penny Appeal increased sponsorships & donations for their life-changing child sponsor program.

Check out the results of our Case Study today!