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Augmented Buyer Profiles Wrkflow

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Enrich Your Database and Optimize Any Missing Data

Data is a driving force behind any budding sales strategy. You need good quality data when you're working with client profiles. Beyond the data, you also need a system that will catch errors and jumbled information, and that can make updates without constant surveillance.

A lot of companies are faced with out-of-date and incomplete data, which can be unusable at best, and frustrating at worst. For your Sales team, the time spent researching leads and maintaining your database can take away valuable time when they could be closing deals or actually selling.

Is it time to look into solutions that can speed up your data gathering and processing? You're not alone.

Use a Hybrid Approach to Augment Your Data Processing

Adding automation as a complementary tool to your process isn't just smart, it will save you a lot of money (and headaches).

You can do your own research and keep tabs on your prospects via Google, or even LinkedIn, but if you're looking to scale your process, is that a sustainable method? Automating the steps that enrich, improve, and optimize the data available to you is designed to scale with you, and to prevent human error.

Wrk takes automated Wrkflows and combines them with a human community of skilled workers, allows you to work with the most up-to-date data, and will be constantly under surveillance by a human eye—it just doesn't need to be yours.

The Wrkflow Request

Using a combination of bots and our skilled community of workers, we augmented our client's database and added optimized client profiles directly to their CRM.

Download this case study to explore how we optimized the process of researching missing buyer profile data and inputting their information into the client’s database.

Check out the results in our Case Study today!