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Empower your team and provide value to your clients with Automated Reporting

Automatically create visually-rich reports or auto-extract data for reporting using pre-built connectors. Speed up both internal and client reporting so your team spends less time on data wrangling and more time on delivering insights and value.

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Drive profitability and retention with effortless Client Reporting

Automatically deliver customized monthly performance reports that your client will look forward to reading. Extract data from multiple sources, showcase monthly and quarterly metrics and easily prove ROI. Automate your team’s internal processes by cleaning and extracting data from multiple platforms, delivering customized and value-packed reports in record time.

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Develop multi-channel Marketing Reports and Collateral within minutes

Get fully-automated multi-channel marketing reports customized based on your team’s specific needs—saving them days of manually pulling data from multiple sources, on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Take it a step further and automatically build templatized brochures, case studies, and full campaigns—leaving your Marketing team the time to focus on strategy and execution.

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Automate the creation of Sales Presentations and Reports to close deals faster

Empower your team with automated sales presentations and reports that will turn prospective clients into paying ones. Focus on demonstrating the unique value you offer using prospect data, branding and customized content.

Increase the visibility of sales information by automating the compilation of data across systems to populate monthly and quarterly sales reports and analytics.

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Generate purpose-built and reliable Financial Reports

Automate the time-consuming process of quarterly or annual financial reporting across your whole organization with Wrk’s Financial Reporting Wrkflows—giving you a full 360° view of your company’s performance with the click of a button.

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Monitor growth and efficiency across your org with error-free HR Reports

Obtain clear, concise and comprehensive reports in varied formats (PowerPoint, PDF, Excel) in a matter of hours instead of days. Automate quarterly and annual HR reports to communicate important metrics including turnover rate, absence rate, employee performance, and more.

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Discover the Most Popular Wrkflows

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Generate AI-Powered Talking Points for Sales Reps

Get summarized employee tidbits, latest company news, interesting facts or anecdotes for your calls.
Generate AI-Powered Talking Points for Sales Reps with
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Generate & Send Personalized Sales Agreements

Get fully filled out PDF agreements sent directly to your client's email.
Generate & Send Personalized Sales Agreements with
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Generate Personalized Sales Decks with Automated Firmographic Data

Get ready-to-send sales decks with prospects' firmographic data enriched by multiple data providers.
Generate Personalized Sales Decks with Automated Firmographic Data with

Wrk is proven to reduce cost per process by an average of 20% and reduce delivery time by 65%.

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