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Automate Your Competitive Intelligence from Product Hunt

Are you tired of manually sifting through endless data to find the perfect products on Product Hunt for your competitive analysis? Let Wrk streamline your competitive intelligence process.
Simply copy/paste the product hunt category link—and you’re done!

From there, Wrk will:
  1. Automatically visit and crawl each product listed in that category.
  2. Extract information from each product listed. (Product Name, Product Link, Product Description, # of stars, # of reviews, Product Icon Image Link.)
  3. Provide an organized Google Sheet with all your information!

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Create Instant Competitive Intelligence Docs

Competitive insight is out there—but gathering it takes time and resources. Or at least, it used to. Run this Wrkflow multiple times to cover all relevant categories and review all competitors in one sheet.

Stop Scrolling & Copy/Pasting: Start Automating

Wrk’s Product Hunt data extraction Wrkflow does the tedious work for you—so you can get straight to analyzing. This Wrkflow does all the scrolling, clicking, and data extraction, providing a clean Google Sheet for your review.

Need More? Customize the Wrkflow.

For AI analysis and summaries of this information, or to instantly email this to others, or even enrich with more company or even contact data—you can customize this Wrkflow. Just chat with us on the platform, and we’ll get you started.


Why Choose Wrk?

Automate Product Extraction

Say goodbye to manual data entry and let Wrk handle the heavy lifting. Our advanced web automation technology extracts all products from Product Hunt that meet your criteria in minutes.

User-Friendly Interface

Wrkflow's intuitive interface makes it easy for sales and marketing managers, and beyond, to run this Wrkflow without any technical expertise.

Your Competitive Advantage Starts Here

Join the ranks of successful sales and marketing managers who have embraced the power of Wrk to enhance their competitive intelligence efforts.

Extract Products from ProductHunt

This wrkflow scrapes the product data for a given category page on ProductHunt.
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