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Invoices from your inbox to your accounting system without lifting a finger

  • No recurring subscription, no credit card required
  • Free forever with $35 monthly credit
  • No catches - only pay for what you use over the free credit

You choose the steps that you want to automate

  1. Grab your invoices from emails, shared drive or elsewhere
  2. Retrieve details from each invoices
  3. Use AI to classify or set your own rules on account codes, tax types, etc
  4. Send everything to your accounting software of choice

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Extract details from any billing document

600 processed invoices per month for FREE

No more errors!

Accurate data with human in the loop. You provide the invoices, the system does the rest and gets you accurate data. This includes human in the loop where technology fails. No complicated model training needed, it's ready to go.
SRC 2 - Invoice
Invoice Fields Captured information
Document number 17600
Date 20th April, 2023
Due date 20th May, 2023
Supplier name ABC Inc.
Supplier address 231 Marketplace Street, Suite 120, San Francisco, CA 94201
Bill to name Wrk Technologies Inc.
Bill to address 1250 Rene-Levesque West, Montreal, Canada
Total amount $12,500
Amount due $12,500
Vendor VAT number
Tax amount
Currency of the total amount USD
Terms Net 30

Machines love to do data entry, unlike us humans

Wrk automated accounts payable with quickbooks netsuite microsoft dynamics and more
Integrate with all the top accounting software or your own in-house system

Wrk automated accounts payable with quickbooks

Add as many steps as you need to complete your invoice processing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Total cost will depend on the number of invoices and the steps needed to process each invoice. Data extraction is 5c per invoice with options to extract line items at 3c per line. Additional steps to filter, classify or send to an accounting system are typically at 1c or less per step. You can go a long way with $35 of free credit every month.

Pretty much any invoice layout and format - PDF or an image format (jpg, png, etc...).

You do not need to do any model training. Wrk combines best in class OCR, AI and humans in the loop to extract structured information you need from any invoice layout. The invoice has to be in English and have readable text.

That will be up to you as you define your workflow. The system can connect to a Google Drive to collect every invoice in a folder. You can forward emails with invoices to our inbox. You can also upload the invoice manually.

Talk to us, if you need it done any other way.

The platform is what we call a no-code development solution, meaning you can setup your account payable process without requiring technical knowledge or your IT department. If things get out of hand, we have a panel of automation experts at your disposal that can assist you. If you want a full white glove service, we can do the whole set it up for you for a fee

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