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Automatically create info cards with Generative AI

Cut out manual tasks and nail every pitch with powerful generative AI in no-code Wrkflows.

  • Enrich profile data for every new prospect
  • Source prospect info including employee count, fundraising, latest news and more
  • Retrieve logos for accounts to customize your outreach
  • Automatically populate templated info cards for one convenient source of truth

  • Automate with Wrk & ChatGPT →

AI-Created automated info cards with

Why automate your sales processes with Wrk?

  • Unlock powerful generative AI that has already been set up to do exactly what you need it to

  • Access a full suite of no-code Wrkflows you can use today

  • Integrate with any CRM or tool, including Excel spreadsheets, without the need for API

  • Mix humans and technology to tackle any tedious sales processes

  • Customize any Wrkflow to match your existing process

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Example result: Andy Jazzy, CEO, Amazon

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Wrk Automates Simply Group Financial
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Wrk automates Promethean IT
Wrk automates Whitestar Capital
Wrk automates Spatial DNA
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