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Amplify your reach, prioritize hot leads and boost conversions

Attract, enrich, prioritize, and share leads with your Sales team in a jiffy so they can get straight to work on hitting their conversion goals.

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Automate Tedious Lead Actions

Relieve your Sales and Marketing teams from the burden of data entry, reformatting, and de-duplication. Ensure all your tools are automatically fed from lead forms, emails, and chat messages.

Lead Capture & Data Tracking

Extract leads and capture their activity data from multiple sources including your website, email engagement, events and paid ads, giving you up-to-date, actionable insights.

Data Entry & Lead Uploads

Automate your lead list prep and uploading process to reduce the time and error rate of manual data entry into your CRM while ensuring consistent data across all of your platforms.

Reformatting & Lead Correction

Reformat and correct the lead data flowing in from events, lunches and other offline sources as well as online lead generation initiatives, helping to maintain data hygiene throughout the organization.

Deduplication & Merging

Find and easily merge important information between records, ensuring the most accurate single record possible. Bulk deduplicate contacts, accounts, and leads in your CRM.


Level up your Business Development and Lead Generation game

Explore new avenues for lead generation using Wrk’s tailor-made Lead Generation Wrkflows or create your own custom Wrkflows to acquire more leads. Extract contact details from competitor sites and find matches with industry-best tools. Once that is done, our Lead Generation Wrkflow can populate all relevant details and send emails or LinkedIn InMail messages.

Upgrade your Lead Enrichment process

Empower your Sales and Marketing teams to score more leads and increase conversions with enriched lead data. Automatically populate your lead’s profile with key details like job title, company name, and social media handles. Do the same for their company with key metrics on web traffic, recent fundraising, and employee growth figures.


Close deals faster through Lead Qualification & Prioritization

Increase conversions by qualifying and prioritizing your leads through a pre-built scoring model or by building your own custom criteria based on contact, account or lead data. Automatically filter stale leads, easily identify hot ones, and ultimately give your team the time needed to close the deal and smash their monthly targets!

Transform your Lead Nurturing processes

Deliver personalized content throughout the buyer’s journey at a previously unachievable scale. Leverage Wrk’s automated Wrkflows to spot hot leads using intent data or nurture previous buyers immediately after they change roles. Follow-up with prospects as soon as they engage with your ads, and automatically identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities using product usage data.


Assign leads instantly with automated Lead Routing

Instantly route and assign new MQLs to the most appropriate sales representative through your CRM or their favourite sales tool. Our Lead Routing Wrkflow considers geography, language, specialty, previous engagements, and current lead capacity to get the right prospect the right help, right away.


Wrk is proven to reduce cost per process by an average of 20% and reduce delivery time by 65%.