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Perfecting the balancing act: Human Resources in a hybrid world.

Want to simplify the transition to online onboarding and video interviews today without losing the human touch? Wrk’s Automation Platform gives you the best of both worlds.


Human Resources & Automation

From recruitment to onboarding, Human Resources was previously seen as a particularly heavy-touch industry. Today it is far more virtual with video interviews and online onboarding largely replacing face-to-face interactions. Automation has proven to be a key tool for many HR professionals looking to unlock the potential of remote work—with Automation Platforms like Wrk proving particularly valuable.


Talent & Culture in a Work-from-Home World

Ben Lemelin, the Senior Vice President of Talent & Culture at Stradigi AI shares his insights on recruiting for fit, including proactive people scouting and slowing down the interview process in a fast-paced WFH world.

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Recruitment automation makes it so that HR teams can focus on the quality of how they engage with candidates online, not the logistics of it.

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