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Future-proof your Finance strategies

If you want to make sure that your Finance team is equipped with the tools and strategies to excel, then you need to consider automation.


Finance & Automation

In our Finance Hub, you can watch our webinar “RPA or the Highway”, and explore the full potential of the Wrk platform by taking a close look at our Finance Wrkflows and department-specific blog posts.

  Retrieve press release details from Business Wire
Retrieve the details of a press release article published on Business Wire. Inputs: Article link Outputs: Article title, date, language, content, etc. Outcomes: Success or no result
$0.15 / result
  Retrieve links from text
Retrieve a list of links from the provided text. Links retrieved can start with "http" or "www.", can contain a domain suffix such as ".com", ."org", ".net", ".ca", and do not contain spaces between words or characters. Inputs: Text Outputs: Links Outcomes: Success
$0 / result
  Copy file in Google Drive
Create a copy of an existing file on Google Drive. Inputs: File link, new file name, destination folder link, and permission type Outputs: Copied file link Outcomes: Success or no result Note: Does not support copying to or from shared drives
$0.005 / result
  Replace text in Google Docs
Find and replace all instances of the matching text in Google Docs. Inputs: Document link, text to replace, and enable case sensitive matching Outputs: None Outcomes: Success or no result
$0.005 / result
  Compare text
Compare two texts based on a given criteria and determine if: 1. Text 1 is an exact match to Text 2 or 2. Text 1 is contained in Text 2 Inputs: Text 1, comparison criteria, and text 2 Outputs: None Outcomes: Yes or no
$0 / result
  Compare two images
Determine if two images are a complete or partial match. Inputs: Image 1 link and matching type Outputs: None Outcomes: Yes or no
$0.2 / result

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Using Wrk for Finance

Wrk’s powerful and seamless platform completely automates simple to complex processes, so that your Finance team can focus on what’s most critical to your organization as a whole and optimizing that bottom line.


RPA or the Highway: Finance Automation

Is Robotic Process Automation the only option for Finance teams looking to automate their end-to-end processes? Spoiler alert: It’s not!

In this webinar, our CEO Mo El-Barachi spoke to Finance leaders to look at the evolution of finance-oriented automation, the role RPA has played to date, and alternative automation options available to your team today.

Watch the Webinar
"Traditional accounts payable processes—heavily reliant on physically sorting, routing, and authorizing documents—have become near impossible. Accounts payable automation has thus become even more critical over the past year with the acceleration of WFH."