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Wrk Capabilities

Unlock the Power of Intelligent Document Processing

Wrk combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR), automation, and even human tasks to ensure the most accurate results. Developer level processing—automated and made easy for you.

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Everything You Need for Accurate Document Processing—In One Platform

Why spend hours of time setting up API integrations, connecting third-party OCR tools, and training an AI for your specific setup? Wrk provides an end-to-end solution with our Wrkflows. Just hit “launch” and you’re ready to go.

Lightning-Fast Data Extraction

Are you tired of spending hours on manual data processing? Say goodbye to tedious data entry and welcome automated data extraction from any document that takes mere seconds. With our OCR-powered solution, you can:

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 10.49.03 AM

Process thousands of documents in minutes

Harness the power of Automation to capture and correct data 8 times faster. Our technology corrects errors and auto-detects common fields to standardize data formatting.

Capture data without templates

Forget about the hassle of creating templates for every document format. Our advanced OCR technology can extract information accurately, no matter how the document is structured.

Process data 8 times faster than traditional OCR

Speed is of the essence in today's business world. Our automation solution processes data at lightning speed, leaving traditional OCR methods in the dust.

Achieve Up to 98% Accuracy

Leave indexing errors in the past. Wrk ensures precise indexing with an impressive accuracy rate, minimizing the risk of costly mistakes.

Adapt to changes in document layout

No need to worry when the file type or layout changes. Our OCR software reads documents like a human, adapting to style and formatting modifications effortlessly. Even for the most disorganized layouts.

Close the accuracy gap with humans in the loop
Bots get us 90% of the way there—but sometimes the human eye can bring us to the finish line. Wrk is the only automation platform to loop in human taskers as needed to QA for that extra level of accuracy.


Cut Costs and Become a Company Hero

No need to pay multiple licenses for API integrations, OCR tools, and AI activation. Instead, your department can become a profit generator. By automating document processing with Wrk, you can:

Eliminate manual data entry

Free up your team from mundane data entry tasks. Let them channel their efforts into strategic initiatives that drive revenue.

Remove the need for multiple tools and licenses
No more contract reviews, renewals, and various setup costs associated with third-party tools. Streamline your processing to keep saving, both time and budget.

Speed up turnaround times

By reducing manual document processing, you gain the flexibility to benefit from early deliveries, faster deadlines, and optimize your business processes.

Experience the benefits of Wrk document processing:

✓ Reduced operational costs     ✓ Error-free data entry     ✓ Optimized business processes     ✓ Increased employee productivity

Start Automating Today

Unlock the potential of your business with automated document processing powered by OCR.
Say hello to efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.
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