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Wrk Capabilities

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Power your business with all the capabilities of one comprehensive automation platform. Connect your favourite apps to create seamless workflows that automate your work

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Do Less, Automate More

Spend less time on manual tasks with a comprehensive solution made for fast automation.

Accurate Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Eliminate manual data capture and improve the accuracy of data extraction with our AI-powered IDP and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automations. Flexible, accurate, low cost—and everything completed in just one platform.

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Intelligent Web Scraping

Automatically scrape web content and turn it into structured data ready for use. Our bots behave like real humans. They pass through bot blockers, can repeat jobs multiple times, and display accurate data pulls.

Personalization Using AI

One size doesn’t fit all. Add AI-driven steps to your automations to create experiences that are designed to convert. Tailored to your needs and guidelines, AI can summarize, share, or prep messaging for the next step in your process.

Add a Human-in-the-Loop

Our team of humans works behind the curtain to fix errors and manage tasks when AI and bots don’t always cut it. Wrk’s Skillpack team works fast—helping reduce errors to save you time and costs associated with mistakes.

Your Workday Just Got Better

Add more efficiency to your day by building automated processes with our drag-and-drop Designer.

Track Your Automations

See your Wrkflows in real time using our Launch Console. Set error alerts, or view automation details based on your specifications.

Get Started In Minutes

Our Wrkflow Library has ready-to-use pre-built templates that allow you to instantly launch a Wrkflow or customize it, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Seamlessly Schedule

Schedule how frequently you’d like a Wrkflow to run, no matter what time or day.


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