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Lead Generation

Build a leads list and sync to HubSpot

Automate the generation of leads lists using
Wrk's expansive library of lead enrichment and CRM Wrk Actions.


$0.25 / contact

Build a leads list and sync to HubSpot
Over 300M+ Contacts

Enrich your leads with emails, phones numbers, and demographic / firmographic data from multiple data vendors, for the most comprehensive set of results.
Handpick your Leads

Filter exactly for the prospects that match your ideal customer profile.
  • Keywords (SaaS, B2B, B2C, etc...)
  • Employee Count (min & max)
  • Revenue (min & max)
Pay Per Contact

Pay only for the contacts you consume.
  • $0.10 per company record
  • $0.25 per contact record
Unlock volume discounts with an annual commitment spend.

Sample Results

Search Criteria: CFO's of B2B SaaS companies, between 100 and 1000 employees.

Connect it to ChatGPT

Connect it the Summarize contact info using ChatGPT Wrk Action to generate quick-to-consume content for your sales reps.

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Validate each contact

Use the Validate Email Wrk Action or use our Human-powered Make a Phone call Wrk Action to validate each phone number before assigning your BDRs to dial.

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Connect it to Salesforce

On a different CRM? No problem, just swap out the final step of this Wrkflow to connect to Salesforce or dump all the data to an Excel file or a Google Sheet.

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Explore more Wrkflows

Continue your automation journey with weekly releases to our Wrkflows.

129 Free Results / Month

Get Direct Contact Information for Leads with Automated Lead Enrichment

Emails, phone numbers, firmographic and demographic data for each contact.
Google Gmail
129 Free Results / Month

Get Firmographic Information for any Company with Automated Company Enrichment

Get firmographic data like number of clients, employee count, and annual revenues for any company.
Google Gmail
184 Free Results / Month

Discover Untapped Sales Opportunities with Real-Time Press Release Monitoring

Get a list of prospective buyers sourced from press releases.
Google Drive
Google Sheets
120 Free Results / Month

Discover Local Business Prospects Using Google Maps

Get a list of local businesses that match your ideal customer profile and their contact information.
Google Maps
Google Sheets
1166 Free Results / Month

Automate Company Department and Headcount Analysis

Get employee counts per department for any company.
Google Drive
Google Gmail
Google Sheets
Trending • 250 Free Results / Month

Extract Line Items from Invoices and Receipts

Get accurate line item data like SKU, quantity, price, taxes, and total amounts.
Google Drive
Google Gmail
Google Sheets