We know, we know, some revenue-generating tasks can be repetitive, time consuming, and downright painful. We hear it all the time. In fact, it is one of the complaints that we heard the most before starting up our Delivery Platform. We don’t just deliver quicker results at a lower cost, we also intrinsically understand the importance of receiving support and quick responses to your queries. When it comes down to your sales processes, sales cycle, and bottom line,  speed is of the essence. Delivering results quickly and without a technical delay can be the difference between taking on a new client and missing out on the opportunity.

When we look at the typical sales processes of each company, a delay in response from a prospect can cost some serious money. Looking at customer service request response time we learned that 46% of customers expect companies to respond in under 4 hours, yet based on actual response time, 62% of companies don’t even respond and those who do respond, the average response time is 12 hours. 

Wrk supports ALL aspects of your sales processes

Here we understand the importance of speed when it comes to your sales cycle. Full stop. With our automated lead management processes, we focus on amplifying your reach by saving time in your data collection process. We make it easier for you to enrich, prioritize, and share leads with your entire Sales team, so the bulk of your time is being spent on conversion goals. But what if your delay comes from the Support team that you’ve trusted to help you? 

While integration platforms like tray.io can provide value, our Delivery Platform aims to avoid pitfalls that some have fallen into when it comes to delays in support outreach and slow response times. The most important metric that stands above all else is your ‘first response times’.

The faster your team can respond to inquiries, the more satisfied your customers will be. 

We consulted with our internal client success agents and they offered great advice on how to guarantee that your support is aligned with the expectations of the company. If internal goals are misaligned then the expectations and quality support will slip. The ultimate goal is clear—get results to your client and your team, quickly. 

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Slow response time affects all sales processes

Response times can make or break a potential sale. When leads express interest in your product, they are in a high ‘intent to buy’ position. Fast response times can help nurture this and increase it. When only 13% of leads convert to opportunities, time is of the essence. 

For our process at Wrk, we make sure that the Wrkflows that you’re using to automate your process are up and running consistently so you don’t have delays because of our support downtime. And if you need some support on making changes or updating your Wrkflows, we have engineers ready and available to help you that can be reachable beyond the scope of the regular 9-5 schedule. 

In this case, slow and steady does not win the race. The first responders, whether it is for a quote, a query, or for support, up to 78% of vendors to respond first win the sale.

Slow responses will hold your sales cycle back

Whether it’s a slow response time for a new potential sale, a slow follow-up and nurturing process, or no response in a time of need from your client (or yourself), we recognize the value and the impact of speed throughout the sales cycle. You don’t have the time to wait for results, spend time updating and scraping industry-best data providers, or managing your reports. That’s where Wrk comes in. 

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Speed up your sales processes with Wrk’s Delivery Platform

Discover how we can help you manage your clients, offer you support, reduce your response time, and enable you to bring home the best results and close more deals. We will mirror your most critical business process steps and help you determine what can be automated, and what requires your attention and expertise. This guarantees that you will always be working in the most efficient way and getting the most out of your time. 

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