As a marketer, what keeps you up at night? Perhaps it’s all the data you need to parse through on a daily basis to ensure that potential leads don’t slip through the cracks. Maybe it’s the hours spent racking your brain for a new email marketing campaign concept. Or, maybe your marketing nightmares involve the work that comes along with creating a quarterly strategy from scratch. 

Whatever your marketing challenge is, automation can help. Read on to learn which nightmares can be avoided and transformed into sweet dreams with marketing automation! 

Organizing contacts and leads 

Usually, you have so many contacts and so little time. You need to organize contacts and differentiate them from subscribers, potential prospects, and more. Not to mention that you need to make sure you don’t have duplicate data. Picture this: a lead comes through your marketing channels, you pass along the lead, and a member of your Sales team contacts them, only to find out that this lead has already been identified and spoke to a different member of your team last week. Now, the prospective client believes you’re disorganized and you can wave goodbye to that potential sale. 

With marketing automation, you can organize your different contacts and leads with ease, streamline your data, and delete duplicates.

Our Lead Nurturing Wrkflows can help both your Marketing and Sales teams. Once your Marketing team collects leads, Wrkflows can classify them based on criteria you set and can even help identify unique use cases so your Sales team is prepared. When it comes to situations where contact information may be duplicated in CRM softwares or spreadsheets, Delete Wrk Actions can remove duplicate information. This way, you can better coordinate your sales and marketing efforts and ensure that the same lead isn’t contacted twice and that you have accurate data. 

Ad versioning 

Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Ads… these all require different formats for ads, which spells headaches for your Marketing team. This is simple, but quite tedious work. Your team needs to load up the original ad, change the dimensions and resolutions per platform, and save each file with a different file name. And if you’re performing A/B testing with different copy, images, and colours? The task becomes even longer. 

Advertisement Versioning Wrkflows can take care of the tedious work for you so your team can focus on the creative aspects that go into running an ad campaign, like creating new visuals and copy and finding different ways to tell your brand story. 

“Hello [Insert name here]” 

Picture this: one of your high-quality leads opens one of your marketing emails to see “Hello Mr. X” or “Dear [Insert name here].” This user then sees a full catalogue of products and services you offer, with no unique insights that address their individual needs. This mistake spells disaster and can haunt your Marketing team for weeks as they watch contacts unsubscribe from your email list at breakneck speed. The key to any successful email marketing strategy is personalization

Email personalization can increase sales, customer satisfaction, and even open and click-through rates, as a whopping 72% of customers say they only engage with personalized messaging. 

Automated personalized email marketing can ensure your customers feel a sense of importance and can increase brand loyalty, as your customers will also feel that you’re committed to fulfilling their unique needs and use cases. 

Cart abandonment

A customer has high-value items in their cart, ready to hit the checkout button. But then, they go to search for their credit card and get distracted, never to return to their cart again. This is all too common. In fact, the average cart abandonment rate is estimated to be 69.99%, meaning that about 7 out of 10 shoppers won’t complete their transaction. There are many reasons for this, which may range from unexpected shipping costs and complicated or long checkout processes, to simply getting distracted and forgetting to check out. Potentially, customers may even delay checking out to perform more research on your company and products. 

Automated exit intent popups that appear when users attempt to close windows may help you lower your cart abandonment rate by reminding customers to complete the sale before they go. In fact, research shows that you could increase your revenue by as much as 20% by using exit intent popups during the checkout process. In these emails, you may also provide reasons to alleviate the above concerns. 

Automated email reminders may also be effective in ensuring that your customers don’t forget you. For example, one of your emails could say, “You are only $10 from qualifying for free shipping!” You can also include a link in emails where customers can provide feedback as to why they didn’t complete the checkout process so you can collect valuable takeaways to improve your processes. 

Reporting and data analytics

Accurate and thorough data reporting is necessary. For the purposes of marketing reporting, you may need to pinpoint the most popular and least popular campaigns, calculate your budget, or list various metrics.

Manual data entry and reporting are marketing nightmares. Your team may even face some sleepless nights as they work to turn raw data into actionable insights. Manual data entry can also lead to costly human errors.

Depending on the type of data you’re analyzing, one error can skew the results, meaning you’ll have to start over from square one. Automated data annotation, organization, and reporting can help. 

With marketing automation, you can spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing the findings to plan for future efforts and campaigns. And in cases where you have a lot of unstructured or raw data, our Data Annotation Wrkflows can label data for you so that a bot can better understand and organize it.

Transforming marketing nightmares into sweet dreams 

Marketing automation can help you avoid disaster and save your team valuable time and energy that can be put to better use. Your Marketing team is built up of talented, creative individuals, and their time is best spent creating innovative strategies that can keep you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. 

Read our Marketing eBook, “Turning Lemons into Lemonade,” to learn how any marketing nightmare can be avoided with the help of Hybrid Automation!