Hopefully, you are well-versed in your customers' pain points and can help solve them. The job of your sales teams is to satisfy customer needs with suitable products, but sales reps have their own set of challenges.

These are some common issues that can arise and reduce the success of your sales teams. Luckily, sales automation tools can simplify tasks for your salespeople while providing the best solutions to their customers.

Stay on top of social media engagement EVERY DAY

These days, social media plays a big role in sales. It's called "social selling," a solid way to engage with potential customers and answer their product-related questions.

Usually, social selling is responding to online messages, not blindly sending them out to your contacts. But you're an established brand with a strong following. In that case, your salespeople might need more messages and fall behind on closing deals.

Sales automation solutions can help ensure that no DMs slip through the cracks. Meanwhile, our List Building from Social Media Engagement Wrkflow can turn simple interactions into sales leads.

Spend energy on the dead-end leads

One of the biggest wastes of resources for your sales teams is chasing after cold leads and cold-calling, which is only successful about 2% of the time in the B2C world. Sales automation can help you prioritize who is most likely to buy based on customer interactions and behavior.

There are several ways sales automation can improve lead generation and move prospects through the sales funnel quicker. One solution is Wrk's Automated Prospecting Wrkflow to help close more deals.

Email marketing is still popular, but salespeople may see little return on their efforts if the messaging doesn't resonate with leads. A well-crafted and personalized email campaign – made easier with our Personalized Email Marketing Wrkflow – can generate 40x more revenue than campaign spending.

Input tedious customer data (across several platforms)

When your sales team establishes a new lead and turns them into a top prospect, routine data entry is often involved in updating their file. This can be more time-consuming if more than one database needs to be updated.

Luckily, sales automation can once again come to the rescue by automatically collecting updates and ensuring the information is uniform across all departments. Wrk has related solutions, including our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow.

This record updating falls among administrative tasks that can consume many salespeople's resources. Other admin tasks that can be automated include compiling sales reports (that can be handled by our Client Reporting Wrkflow), as well as tracking orders.

Deal with product/service issues

Most salespeople can attest to receiving a direct call from a client about a problem, especially if they are long-time customers or have a larger account.

However, even though your salespeople will care for the customer (if they want to maintain the business relationship), customer service should handle the issue because they are better suited.

There are automated solutions that can become your first line of response to a customer inquiry following a purchase. Sales automation can automatically direct service tickets, such as our Ticket Routing & Escalation Wrkflow.

Big advances are also being made in the world of chatbots powered by artificial intelligence language processors. These friendly bots can solve minor customer service issues and help direct customers in the right direction when things get complicated.

Get stuck in meetings (especially when it could've been an email)

If your salespeople spend a lot of time in meetings, they aren't doing much selling. Again, there are automated solutions that can keep sales teams up-to-date without calling them into the office regularly.

Project management software is among the SaaS solutions that allow teams to share info and collaborate remotely—that is, without needing to be in the same physical space. These automated solutions can also streamline the data flow between various applications to save time and avoid confusion.

Your sales teams may also spend time delivering in-person presentations to potential clients, which is an effective way to demonstrate your products and clear up any misconceptions.

However, spending an entire afternoon giving a sales pitch on-site is not always necessary. Wrk's Personalized Pitch Deck Creation Wrkflow can generate custom slides that deliver key information depending on the client's needs.

How to make sales gains with no pains

Automating daily tasks for your sales reps saves them time and energy. It can increase overall revenue by closing more deals.

By adopting automation and AI, your salespeople can focus on landing bigger accounts and retaining existing customers. We also have a solution for that through our Customer Retention & Growth Wrkflow, which gathers opinions and provides proactive support.

Contact Wrk today to learn how automation can solve your sales teams' biggest pain points.