Podcast listeners are now up to 383.7 million. There is a massive demand for audio content. As a big podcast fan, I decided to delve down the rabbit hole and see what kind of sales-specific podcasts I could find and how they held up. They range from comprehensive and basic to more technical and niche. 

Whether you’re listening during your commute, at the gym, at your desk, or on your way to meet a client, there’s something for you. I’ve taken some time to listen to these sales podcasts and broken down why you should be tuning in. 

Top 10 sales podcasts in 2023

Podcasts are an excellent way to hear from experts in your field about common problems and solutions. There’s a podcast for every niche, and sales are no exception. We can help you cut through all the noise. We compiled a list of the top 10 best podcasts for sales experts. 

Sales Success Stories

Sales Success Stories is a highly informative and engaging podcast. It’s the perfect place for sales professionals to find insights, inspiration, and practical tips to advance in their sales careers. The host, Scott Ingram, engages in candid conversations with successful salespeople from a variety of industries. 

Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is a weekly podcast that provides actionable sales tips and insights. The podcast mainly focuses on the B2B space and has guests who are successful entrepreneurs and salespeople. 

The Failure Factor

Failing is scary. Even the risk of failure prevents many people from taking steps toward their future and fulfilling their potential. This podcast leans into failure and shows how it doesn’t need to be career-ending but can provide an opportunity to learn. The secret to success is learning how to capitalize on these failures and prevent them from happening again. 

Winning the Challenger Sale

Winning the Challenger Sale encourages you to “win the sales moments that matter every day.” Jennifer Allen and her team host a podcast to help you demonstrate skills and behaviors proven to bring you success. 

Conversations with Women in Sales

This podcast is dedicated to sharing stories about women in sales. It celebrates success in enterprise sales, global leaders, and top leadership worldwide. The guests on the show are all women, and they cover topics ranging from mental health in sales to community building and relationship nurturing. 

Sales Influence

What do sales look like today? It’s a complex and tricky landscape. Victor Antonio addresses modern B2B sales and offers valuable tips to help you implement immediate changes. He uses sales psychology to improve your sales funnel and boost your pipeline. Use this podcast to build customer trust and bump up your sales processes. 

Practical Prospecting

This podcast shares practical tips on how to make improvements to your outbound methods. Jed and Maggie use their years of experience in sales to provide actionable steps so you can find success in your sales efforts. They primarily target SDRs and outbound teams, but anyone interested in sales will benefit from tuning in. 

Sales Enablement Podcast

The pitch for this podcast is that it covers “candid conversations with 900+ of the world’s most exciting sales leaders.” You can hear from revenue leaders and learn critical insights, skills, and technologies to improve your sales performance. Host Andy Paul jumps on three times a week to help you exceed customer expectations and earn more revenue. 

Sales Gravy

According to their website, this podcast is the “World’s Most Downloaded Sales Podcast.” So it should be no surprise that it would be included on this list. Jeb Blount, a well-known sales expert internationally, is the show's host, and it covers subjects that can aid in sales management. It also covers themes like questions to answer on discovery calls, how not to take "no" for an answer, and discussions on your pipeline and other management processes. 

30 Minutes to President's Club

Every episode of 30 Minutes to President’s Club covers actionable tactics you can implement immediately. This podcast is a value-dense series of episodes where you learn quick tips and tricks to start doing today. Throw away your long guidebooks; the hosts cut through the BS and get straight to the point with their advice. 

Honorable Mentions

Outbound Squad

Winning Streaks

The Twenty-minute VC

What are you listening to today?