The term "SaaS companies" has probably popped up more often in recent years. It's no coincidence that the software as a service (SaaS) industry is exploding. We expect it to be valued at almost $463 billion by 2028.

People are choosing SaaS solutions because they're powerful, easy to scale, and don't require the same technical expertise as some legacy systems do. Because you don't need to install these software applications on your computers (accessed via the Cloud), they often automatically update themselves when a new version is released.

There are several other advantages to using SaaS in business, including paying a subscription instead of buying the software outright and not requiring major hardware upgrades to run applications.  

It's also versatile and can be used across many industries in B2B and B2C worlds to improve day-to-day operations. Teams use them to streamline or automate customer service, billing, document signing, and in-house functions, allowing staff to communicate and update each other on projects easily.

While more than 30,000 SaaS providers are out there, some are outshining others in popularity. Let's look closer at the top 25 SaaS companies by the departments most likely to use them...



Human Resources is an important part of any business, and this software as a service helps companies of all sizes handle payroll, taxes, and other staff finances more efficiently.


This is among the software-as-a-service tools that allow businesses to find the most suitable talent through job postings and interview scheduling. (You can also use our Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Wrkflow to streamline the entire process.)



Customer service is of utmost importance these days. Many customers expect help with their issues within 15 minutes or less. Zendesk offers a range of customer service software applications, from tracking support requests to sorting out shipping.

Wrk offers several customer support applications for common issues, including our Password Resetting Wrkflow.


Automated chatbots are increasingly becoming customers' first point of contact, used by 58% of companies in the B2B sector alone. IvyQuantum is among the newer remote software applications using AI language processing to address concerns/questions from your customers—and even craft email responses.



This is among the SaaS companies that make hosting events easier through online ticket sales and invitations. Hosting business events is a good way to boost sales opportunities. Eventbrite is ideal for handling the guest registration side.

This is a remote software application for running virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. It stays on-brand for all event pages and other communications and enables guest registration.



With up to 64% of employees working remotely in 2023, it's important to have software applications to keep your teams on the same page. Asana is among the SaaS companies helping businesses collaborate online while updating tasks. Other popular SaaS companies in this category include Slack and


This popular collaboration tool allows teams to work on projects together remotely. It keeps a log of changes made to documents and by whom.

Shortcut (formerly

Shortcut is a solid choice among SaaS companies if you need a remote software development assistant. It provides an integrated hub for teams to plan and manage projects without jumping between platforms, with updates implemented for everyone.

This software application allows companies to build more engaging video experiences, whether peer-to-peer or larger group calls. Teams can use it for webinars, live streams, and more.


While video communication tools such as Zoom have gained popularity due to increased remote work, Loom takes a slightly different approach. Instead of requiring everyone to be online at once, Loom lets you send video clips to others, streamlining presentations and providing updates.



As hackers become more prolific (potentially costly cyberattacks are expected to double by 2025), companies of all sizes must integrate stronger security solutions. Proofpoint uses machine learning technology to recognize and deal with threats, including ransomware and credential phishing.


This software application helps IT professionals create security awareness programs for your other teams and suggest training content. It even provides simulated phishing attacks.



In the highly competitive world of real estate, it helps to have automated software solutions that can give you an edge. This Platform offers sales and leasing comparables and property analytics for stakeholders to make more informed decisions.


Social media marketing has become essential to any company's sales and marketing strategy, with social media sellers outperforming traditional sales models by 78%. AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that helps with targeted online campaigns and keeps track of online conversations.


This fast-expanding SaaS tool allows users to monetize their creations on shirts and other products. It is ideal for artists and creative departments to create custom campaigns using AI or traditional means.


Successfully moving your prospects through the sales funnel is the key to increased revenue and growth. Close is a sales automation tool that helps you close more deals (by creating and prioritizing leads) and streamline your sales operations.

Also, check out our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow to improve the quality of your existing sales contacts.

And more...


If your business has multiple digital assets, this is an easier way to point customers to all of them from one place. It allows you to place a "link in bio" within social media that easily directs people to your website and other social channels. It is among the most popular tools for linking via Instagram.


This is among the newer SaaS companies making life easier for other companies. This marketing platform lets you easily notify customers of product updates while collecting feedback to improve your offerings.


This is among the software applications that help marketing departments better target potential customers. Marketers, in particular, use it to build landing pages and social ads, automate customer responses, and craft emails. (Check out our Personalized Email Marketing Wrkflow to connect with your most engaged leads.)

Craft CMS

This content management system allows companies to easily categorize and localize their content (including using different languages.) It integrates with other SaaS companies mentioned here, including Mailchimp.



This popular SaaS tool allows companies and individuals to store their files securely in the Cloud. Its interface allows for easy sharing of documents, images, and more. Google Drive is another popular option with similar capabilities.


Getting contracts and other important documents signed was once a time-consuming process that often had to happen in person. DocuSign is among the software applications that allow remote signing that is legally binding. Teams like Revops use it for sales contracts on top of employee agreements.


Syntax and accuracy are important in online communications, especially when selling a product. Basically, Grammarly uses AI to help find spelling and grammar errors and even compose more concise rewrites for better emails and documents.


Nitropack is software that handles website speed optimization, including adaptive image sizing for easier loading. Website speed may be more important than you think—almost 70% of online consumers said in a survey that website agility is a factor when deciding to purchase.

Software as a service can streamline your operation

Finally, SaaS companies are a growing sector, and for good reason. They provide no-code solutions for companies of all sizes in retail/e-commerce, healthcare, security, and several other industries, handling everything from sales analytics to customer service tickets.

We chose 25 established and up-and-coming SaaS companies to feature on this list. However, Wrk also offers a wide range of automated workflows that can make your life easier without requiring coding skills. Tap into our Platform to boost your business.