Greetings! It’s lovely to meet you. My name is Samuel and I’m a Ticket Resolution Wrkflow at Wrk. Like my friend Hari the Recruitment Wrkflow, I do my part by working alongside organizations and Customer Support teams to make their daily grind quicker, easier, and more efficient. 

Have you ever found yourself feeling the time crunch to close tickets faster, bridge the divide in communication between one ticket and the next, or to refine your ticket resolution process with fewer customer interactions? You wouldn’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last.

There’s no magical solution for these ongoing customer support obstacles. The answer is actually more practical and tangible than it is magical: instead, the key is effective automation—and that just happens to be my middle name. I tie up loose ends using task automation, lightening the burden of any Customer Support team. Check out what a day in the life looks like for me to learn how Customer Support automation can work for you!

My Typical Day 

Did you know that 88% of customers that submit tickets expect a response from businesses within 60 minutes? It might also surprise you to learn that according to research conducted by SuperOffice, the average response time is 12 hours and 10 minutes! With automation, the time that I can save you is invaluable. 

Here’s a snapshot of a day in the life for a Wrkflow like me:

Morning: routing tickets

Major incidents can pop up and Customer Support teams can quickly find themselves juggling a number of minor requests in the midst of their big-ticket issues. Even in the best case scenario, employees and customers can be left waiting for simple solutions.

I close the gap between new tickets and ticket resolution by generating automated emails with answers to standard tickets, directing customers to the right source for their answers, and connecting them with the right customer support person if their ticket requires additional assistance.

Afternoon: generating solutions

Even when lunch rolls around, I continue operating independently of the Customer Support team to keep the ball rolling. Many requests you receive from customers on any given day are common and I can get these automatable tasks out of the way without needing any human intervention. 

For example, I can trigger a Wrkflow that includes directions to reset passwords online or over the phone, respond to product returns, and respond to inquiries about company programs, using cutting-edge automation to make sure this is done quickly and seamlessly. I eliminate delays between standard tickets and their resolutions, leading to minimal gaps between the realization that you’ve forgotten a password and the creation of a new one.  

Evening: following up 

Suddenly 5 pm strikes… but my day is far from over! Both a morning bird and a night owl, I’m able to function 24/7 to ensure that new tickets are continuously directed to the right person and that even closed tickets receive a follow-up. Following up with closed tickets contributes to important metrics that are invaluable to your organization’s customer support success, building a strong foundation for future growth.

How Can I Help You?

If your Customer Support team needs a helping hand, automated Ticket Resolution Wrkflows can save the day! Photo credit: Matthew Waring

I spend my days zeroed in on achieving optimal customer satisfaction. Running my automated Wrkflow 24/7 reduces response and resolution times, even when patience is short and other tickets are pressing. I can spot the difference between emails, deciphering who’s requested a response “ASAP,” connecting customers with the right person before their frustration comes to a boil. I can sort tickets by level of priority and time-outstanding and escalate urgent requests, decreasing customer support’s initial response times and contributing to competitively short ticket resolution and follow-up times.

What I do to make this happen

My days as an automated ticket resolution Wrkflow are all about working with and supporting Customer Support teams. I understand the importance of getting the right answers from the right people.

There’s no doubt that many tickets require the human touch and I can label and categorize top-priority tickets to send off to the right person in any department in a timely manner, preventing any tickets from falling through the cracks.

Response times can make or break your customer support experience. This is where I step in! I can recognize when a particular series of events needs to be triggered, generate automated emails to standard ticket requests, and label tickets in terms of priority, urgency, and time between responses—freeing up time for Customer Support teams to focus on growing their customer base and strengthening any product weaknesses.

Ultimately, I keep everyone informed and keep the customer support process in motion. While teams are tackling tougher tasks, I generate automated emails to provide customers, clients, and employees with ongoing updates about the status of their inquiry. This means everyone can rest comfortably knowing that if their issue isn’t yet resolved, it will be soon. 

There’s something truly invaluable about a sense of consistent, reliable support between company and client. You can consider me your peace-of-mind manager. 

Empower Your Customer Support Team to Work Smarter, Not Harder 

As every effective Wrkflow is designed to do, I can free up brain power to help Customer Support teams focus on the bigger picture. 

The work I accomplish with automation means that teams are able to make critical upgrades to the reliability, consistency, and speed of their ticket resolution process effortlessly, regardless of the industry they’re in.

These metrics, particularly response time, are critical to measuring the success of any Customer Support team. An automation solution like myself is an easy answer to reduce response and resolution times easily and efficiently.

While I do the categorizing, generating, and classifying of tickets, Customer Support teams are able to devote more attention to identifying any weak points in their customer support strategy by dedicating more time to analyzing key metrics. In the end, I help teams streamline and refine their ticket resolution process, leaving them to focus on supporting a growing customer base—because few things retain customers like a dedicated Customer Support unit. 

The time saved from automating ticket resolutions can empower a team to be truly in-tune with their product’s strengths and weaknesses. As the saying goes, time is money and I can make some meaningful contributions to your organization’s bottom line. 

Ticket Resolution Made Easy With Automation 

I can help Customer Support teams find opportunities for growth in their day-to-day processes by taking standard ticket requests off their plate, guaranteeing that tickets are escalated to the right people at the right times, and triggering a series of automated processes to make their ticket resolution processes faster and easier. Because who says customer support doesn’t need support?

A Wrkflow like myself is specially formulated to free up time and elevate your Customer Support team’s performance. Try Wrk’s automated solutions today to see how a customized Wrkflow can reap benefits for you and help your organization pave the road toward future growth. 

You can learn more about Wrk’s automated ticket resolutions here

Featured Image: Neil Thomas