In recent years, intelligent technology has made automation adoption in the workplace more streamlined and straightforward. This new suite of technology, with a hybrid human-machine interaction at its core, is bringing numerous benefits to workplaces that have had to adapt rapidly to cater to a reimagined world. Benefits like higher productivity, enhanced communication data sharing, improved team performance, and most importantly, more time for customization and personalization. 

Emerging tech and automation platforms such as Wrk, Zapier,, and Workato offer similar solutions but with their own focus. A big player, shut down, and people went looking beyond just, and Zapier alternatives to ensure they find the right fit. At Wrk, we don’t just throw bots and complex automation tools at you and expect you to know what’s what immediately. Instead, we work with you to upskill the current members of your team to deliver their best work at faster speeds than you thought possible.

Beyond an alternative

Best-in-class companies have started adopting automation as a key driver of cost efficiency and increased sales. Companies are now looking for a more robust package that goes beyond being a complex integration platform. The Wrk Platform looks at your roadblocks and works with you and your team to find solutions that save you time without extensive training and excessive cost. 

87% of senior management anticipate investing more in automation technologies in the next 12 to 26 months, while 90% say that automation technology has met or exceeded their expectations and positively impacted employees.

Some of the biggest blockers to adoption are talent-related. The delayed and difficult ramp-up for the teams who adopt new delivery platforms and integration apps costs employers time and money before showing a significant ROI. 

While automation adoption is on the rise, the need for social and emotional skills will also keep increasing, which is why at Wrk, we go beyond just having bots to work on your automated steps. 

At Wrk, we offer a hybrid approach to automation. Our end-to-end Delivery Platform automatically deploys Wrk Actions from a robust library to address all steps in your process. Each Wrk Action is completed by, but not limited to, APIs, bots, RPA, OCR, AI & ML, and a skilled community of workers. For your team, it means no more gaps in expertise, knowledge, and communication that may have bogged down your cycles in the past. 

Automation tailored to meet your teams

Companies looking to get with the times and automation adoption are torn between where they are now and where they want to be. Scaling becomes out of reach when you can’t get the most out of the team you currently have. 

To benefit from the emerging opportunity, organizations must adjust their ways of working as well as their technology platforms to ensure that employees and automation solutions work hand in hand and not against each other.

Everything about Wrk is built to grow and scale with you and your goals as you grow without needing to hire a horde of consultants or waste time with training and education. We empower your team to take control of their own Wrkflows with the help of automation.

We enable cross-departmental sharing and ensure that you don't lose the human touch but amplified thanks to the cutting-edge automation technology behind you. Wrk will pivot with you and your team and work with you to scale and grow your business without additional IT and Engineering members and without wasting valuable time while your team catches up. 

Work consistently and predict your future costs with automation adoption

We aren’t clairvoyant, but we will set you up for success so we can move with you when you need to move. We help you track your spending so we can scale your costs as we scale your business and not a moment earlier. When you’re ready to take on more Wrkflows and set up more automated steps, we are ready to press GO!

Once fully set up, you can level up your strategies with the same team. We will help you to solve your most pressing business needs today and support you in the leaps you need to help you get where you want to be tomorrow. We can help you to keep your current team connected, engaged, and focused on all the most important goals you’ve set for yourself, all while delivering high-quality, consistent work 100% of the time. 

Want to see us in action?

We help you to automate:

Lead Nurturing;

Sales Data & List Management;

Personalized Email Outreach;

Client Onboarding;

Lead Enrichment;


Automated Prospecting;

Customer Retention & Growth.

And so much more…

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