Like many start-ups, Wrk was born out of necessity. When our founders, Mohannad El-Barachi and David Li tried to grow their previous businesses, they kept running into labor-intensive tasks that they couldn't automate with the software they had at the time. This frustration inspired the creation of Wrk— a solution that allows you to scale your business through automation.

Every day we learn more to expand and improve our Automation Platform, so start-ups like yours can expand your operations efficiently and cost-effectively using automation, leading to smooth scaling.

As a start-up, we know many obstacles can hinder a company from scaling smoothly. Our Platform is made so that entrepreneurs and businesses just starting can get simple solutions without dealing with many of the traditional problems of automation, like high costs and complicated implementation processes.

Human-empowered automation

You don’t need us to tell you that the first goal for almost every entrepreneur is to launch their business successfully. If you have a product that you feel is impactful, innovative, and in demand, you could be forgiven for thinking that the hard part is over. But we both know that isn’t true.

So, what comes next? 

In a word: growth.

But how do you grow in a way that won’t drain your team’s resources but will allow you to provide real value for your increasing roster of clients? Enter automation.

The value of human input

Human intelligence and productivity are often wasted in all fields on tasks that take a long time and are done repeatedly. Studies show that the average global time people spend on repetitive tasks per week is 4 hours and 38 minutes, amounting to 19 workdays per year. At Wrk, we believe that every business process, in part or in whole, can be broken down into repeatable micro-tasks. In our hybrid approach to automation, machines, and people work together to finish these tasks smoothly from beginning to end. For example, our platform can automate tasks important for scaling, such as bringing on new employees, filling out timesheets, and keeping customers updated on products and services. 

With automation, you can focus on building your brand, creating relationships with clients and partners, and assembling your dream team. You will also save your current team (not to mention yourself) from burning out. 

Ultimately, we are as passionate about human potential as we are about technology. We believe in automated solutions that give people the tools they need to do better, more meaningful work. Automation unlocks human potential so that teams like yours can save their critical thinking skills and creativity for bigger projects, and as you know, in the start-up world, there is no shortage of those! 

What’s more, automating your processes early on allows your business to be competitive. In 2020, a survey by Mckinsey revealed that 35% of respondents were piloting automation for at least 1 business process, and 31% of respondents had fully automated at least 1 process. 

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to learn how to use automation effectively. 

How can you use automation?

If you’re thinking about one task that is time-consuming for your business and asking yourself, “I wonder if I can automate this task," you probably can! Wrk has clear solutions for many areas: sales, customer support, customer success, human resources, finance, marketing, and more. 

Many departments, like human resources and finance, involve a lot of repetitive paperwork and processes. For example, in human resources, you have various onboarding processes like setting up payroll, coordinating with your IT department to get proper software set up, and booking meetings between new employees and managers. Our automated Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Wrkflow can save your team time to focus on training new hires and getting them up to speed. 

Similarly, when it comes to sales, your team needs to focus on—that’s right—selling. But would you believe that sales teams spend most of their time nurturing leads and gathering contact information from potential customers? Wrk’s Lead Nurturing or Sales Data & List Management Wrkflows enable your team to devote more efforts to building relationships with leads. 

As well, as you scale, you keep a close eye on your finances. Cash flow management is vital for the first few years of any business. Still, while ensuring your budgets are on track, your Finance team analyzes expenses with a fine-tooth comb, chasing down missed payments and creating, sending, and processing invoices. Want to know the solution? You guessed it: automation. Accounts Payable, Receivable & Invoicing Wrkflow can allow your Finance team to focus instead on building your business. A bonus? Automating this process can save a lot of money. With the average company spending between $12 and $40 processing a single invoice, every dollar counts. 

Wrk’s hybrid approach provides one easy-to-use platform that can create endless possibilities and allow for smooth scaling. 

Simplicity and speed

Implementing automation to your team might seem challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with the space. In reality, if you start today, the process can be simple and fast. From start to finish, you can expect to be ready to go in as little as a week, potentially even less. 

That means you can get a new process up and running without skipping a beat, and as you know, time is a valuable asset when you’re in start-up mode. 

And when it comes to another obvious valuable asset, money, you’ll be glad to hear that implementing automation with us is cost-effective. In fact, the Wrk platform in particular has been proven to reduce cost per process by an average of 20%.

Many C-level executives don't want to use automation, even though it could be helpful. They worry that there are a lot of different steps involved in setting up the process, and there seem to be many unknowns. And since time is valuable, the idea of losing some to learning a new program is an understandable concern. While using automation for the first time (like any new process) may seem challenging, it’s very easy. 

Wrk already has a library of pre-configured bots (or Wrk Actions), ready for you to use. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping your chosen Wrk Actions into a flow chart and bringing your Wrkflow to life! 

When a company is young and just starting, automating tasks leads to early success, which makes it easy to handle even more work later. You can concentrate on finding "right" candidates rather than "right now" candidates to fill critical roles. This means you'll have less employee turnover and more time to do things that would have fallen by the wayside otherwise. 

Smooth scaling your business through automation

During their first years, start-ups face a variety of challenges. These problems will always be there, but you can make your growing pains less painful by using hybrid automation.

But don't take our word for it! Try it out today for free. Start your free trial by signing up today.