As a business leader, you’re faced with many issues that require a lot of attention. In addition to fulfilling your business goals and bottom line, you'll also need to pay close attention to growing your business, keeping employees engaged, reducing employee burnout and turnover, and managing your team’s productivity. How can you best manage your time to ensure you can deal with any challenges that may come your way? It's simple. In fact, it's called simple process automation.

Simple process automation can help you weather the storm and prepare you to deal with any oncoming issues with leading a business. Wrk was designed to help teams in all industries across all departments manage their workloads quickly and efficiently. We explain how automation and Wrk can keep you in control. 

No more growing pains

It may be time to scale if you exceed previously set goals and the industry outlook is strong. You might want to grow your team, research potential business opportunities, or create a new department. You may have to make these moves quickly. In the meantime, you want your sales to grow, but you can’t build up your business fast enough to keep up with increased demand. 

Growing pains are common for any business, big or small. Scaling with automation can help you grow at a manageable rate and hit your targets without expending too much of your resources. It can also save you time, so that you can focus on hiring the “right” candidates rather than the “right now” candidates. 

We know that companies grow with their customer base, but did you know that Wrk’s Customer Growth & Retention Wrkflow can allow you to focus on acquiring new customers by providing you with proactive customer support, client feedback, and sentiment analysis? And with Client Onboarding Wrkflows, you can ensure you make a good first impression with your new clients and continue to focus on new opportunities. Consider scaling with automation to grow at the same pace or even ahead of your customer base. 

Simple business automation can guarantee happy and engaged employees

Ensuring that your employees are engaged is important for many reasons. In addition to keeping employee turnover low, research suggests that happy employees work harder. Economists at the University of Warwick found a direct link between happy employees and productivity, with engaged employees leading to an increase of 12% in productivity. But research shows that many employees are stressed out and at risk of burnout from work. 

According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of U.S. workers have experienced work-related stress, which causes about 1 million employees to miss work each day. This can amount to up to an annual loss of $300 billion for U.S. businesses. But what are the leading causes of stress in the workplace? According to a Statista study of North American employees, 39% said heavy workloads were the main stressor. Another 19% noted that juggling work and personal life was the most stressful. 

Automation can help ensure your employees are happy and engaged by helping them manage heavy workloads and empowering them to take on additional projects that contribute to your bottom line.

Many tasks are necessary but time-consuming and repetitive. For example, business processes involving data can be strenuous due to the sheer volume of information. Data Migration Preparation Wrkflows and Data Annotation Wrkflows can manage this volume so your team can focus on more pertinent work to your business’s bottom line. Not to mention that your employees won’t have to work longer hours to complete this work. What used to take hours can now be completed in minutes. 

Managing and improving productivity

Improving workplace productivity constantly challenges HR teams, especially in hybrid or remote work environments. By effectively monitoring time management and productivity, HR teams will feel less burdened and have the confidence to identify company weak points, map a course through uncertain times, and focus on improving employee well-being. One way to optimize time management is to use a Time Management Wrkflow, which can produce more accurate timesheets to send to your finance team. 

But beyond that, many different Wrk Actions and Wrkflows can help your team better manage their productivity so they can complete all of their daily priorities and then some without needing to work overtime. In this way, you can show your employees that you care about them and their work-life balance, leading to more two-way trust in the workplace, better engagement, and lower turnover. 

Fulfill your bottom line with simple process automation

Automation is a catch-all approach to a variety of issues. It provides the tools to scale your business, empower your team, manage productivity and time management, and more. 

If you’re looking for a simple solution to these problems, talk to one of our experts today.