See how our Platform is more than just another integration provider

You may have heard that is shutting down, here’s what that means. Their customers now have 6 months to find an alternative automation provider before the October 31 deadline. Now, of course, people are looking for an alternative for their automation and integration platform needs. Zapier has been pushed as a good replacement tool, but what if you’re looking for more? Curious as to what Zapier alternatives are out there? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade from just an integration provider to an end-to-end Delivery Platform. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with the transition. 

Why Wrk has a platform for those looking for Zapier alternatives

At Wrk, we deeply understand that the path to automation is at times complicated, costly, and time consuming. Which is usually the opposite reason that you’re looking to automate—clients turn to work because their goals are often to save time without having to spend more. 

As an alternative to, Zapier has been a good suggestion if you are simply looking for a product that allows you to integrate your web applications and API integration. But what if you want and need more than that?

This is the perfect time to look at how to integrate all your current automation tasks with your future goals, and for that you need a platform that won’t limit your scaling. 

Ready to automate? Let’s get started today.

Wrk eliminates the traditional blockers that may have prevented you from scaling your business with automation in the past and looks beyond just providing API integrations and bundle-costs, like Zapier pricing. Wrk offers a transactional pricing method, where you only pay for what you use. With closing down, it's the perfect time for us to some of the other benefits of the Wrk delivery platform. 

  1. Create Wrkflows that mimic your internal processes in minutes—no edge cases.
  2. Get access to a Hybrid Automation platform that evolves as your business does—no need to add costly consultants as you scale.
  3. Maximize our Platform that is designed to solve for your business requirements, not complex API or technical requirements—meaning zero IT input.
  4. Budget effortlessly thanks to our transactional unit costs, so you never have to worry about long-term contract obligations.

We have a robust list of automated tasks that are specifically catered to your work process. How do we make sure that you can customize AND scale your Wrkflows? Simply put, we use industry-leading technology from RPA, to APIs, AI, OCR and combine it with a community of skilled human Wrkers to give you back time to analyze, customize, and prioritize your highest-value tasks.

We use small building blocks called Wrk Actions to empower your team to build their own Wrkflows without needing previous training or complex configurations. 

The possibilities to customize your day-to-day tasks are endless. We have a drag-and-drop Wrkflow Designer that can be adopted by any (or every) member of your team. We are looking not just at today, but at the future of your company. The Wrkflows you create today can be easily modified at any stage as your business goals shift and your team grows. Our end-to-end Delivery Platform allows you to monitor your progress in real-time for continuous optimization. We make sure that the platform has the flexibility to handle the continuous ebbs and flows of the market, your teams, and your business by offering a variable cost that can be easily added in a pinch. 

Every business has processes that require automation in order to scale. What are yours? 

We are industry and market agnostic and offer a number of Wrkflow templates already so you can get started today. 

Here are some of the many industries and processes that can benefit from automation.

Don’t see your industry? Talk to us today to get started.

  • Marketing - lead data acquisition; Lead data enrichment; Lead qualification. 
  • Sales - Custom sales pitch generation; Personalized outreach; Lead nurturing & follow-ups.
  • Operations - Requirements gathering; SKU data importing/loading; Monthly performance reporting.
  • Product - Client feedback collection; Bug prioritization; New feature updates.
  • Fulfillment - Customer reporting; SLA alerts & escalation; Core offering automation
  • Success - Customer onboarding; Upsell & cross-sell qualification; QBR management.
  • Support - Ticket routing; ticket resolution; call transactions.
  • HR - New hire onboarding; Holiday announcements; Performance management.
  • Finance - Accounts payable & receivable; invoicing & follow-ups; Tax prep & management.

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