The daily workflow of a salesperson is jam-packed. You've got a million things to focus on at once, like prospecting, customer relations, contracts, and sales reports, to name only a few. It's not a job for the light-hearted. It is, however, a job for Salesforce automation.

Salesforce has completely changed the game for salespeople, but managing it can still be a hassle. It's easy to fill your time with manual tasks instead of taking the time to automate them. For example, how long does it take to populate and enrich your leads list? Or to generate reports for your team? 

Fortunately, Salesforce lends itself incredibly well to automation if you know which tools to use. You can automate every step of the process. Let's dive in and find out how to boost your workflow efficiency. 

What Is Workflow Efficiency and Salesforce Automation?

Every organization tries to reach, keep, or go above a certain level of workflow efficiency. Efficiency is producing the highest quality of work in the shortest amount of time. It's an important goal, as it directly impacts your team's productivity and bottom line. 

Usually, your workflow efficiency is impacted most by things like:

  • Manual data processing and analysis tasks. Do you automatically run reports, or does someone have to create them manually?

  • Methods of communication. How long does it take to get responses from your prospects, clients, or team members?

  • Time spent on customer relations. Is your CRM up to date? Do you use one at all?

The journey to optimal workflow efficiency is about cutting out those manual tasks and processes, so you can focus on the stuff that matters. The leaner you can make your workflow, the more you can achieve—and that's where automation comes in. 

How Can You Automate Your Salesforce Workflow?

If you're in sales, you've probably heard of Salesforce, as it's among the most popular CRMs. An astonishing 150,000 companies across the globe have adopted Salesforce, and for good reason. The platform has a range of tools to help you stay in control of your workflow—but it's only as helpful as you make it.

Automating specific processes is one way to get the most out of Salesforce. Automation means that completing tasks like lead enrichment, report generation, and nurturing customer relations processes takes minimal effort from you or your team. In a highly competitive industry, it's no wonder why CRM companies are adopting automation rapidly, with Salesforce clients reporting an average 25% improvement in marketing ROI after implementing CRM.

Let's take a look at some of the ways you can use Salesforce automation to streamline your workflow: 

  • Data enrichment – Automatically enrich leads with data from third-party sources so that you have more up-to-date customer information and don't have to fill in forms manually. 

  • Report generating – Generate reports with the click of a button rather than manually creating them. 

  • Customer relations – Automate customer relations tasks by sending follow-up emails or tracking deals. 

  • Sales pipeline optimization – Monitor and optimize sales pipelines to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 

Even Salesforce automation can only take you so far, however. 

Don't let that be your limit! You can integrate with other tools to get more out of your Salesforce workflow.

(Hint: we can help with that)

Enhance the Salesforce Experience With Wrk

We love Salesforce here at Wrk—so much that most of our no-code automated workflows integrate with it. We're passionate about making your sales process as efficient as possible. 

Here's how. 

Sales Data & List Management

We designed our Sales Data & List Management Wrkflow to work seamlessly alongside your Salesforce processes. You can automatically collect leads from LinkedIn and add them to your Salesforce lists without having to do anything. 

Here's how the automation works:

  • At a particular time each week (at your discretion), the automated workflow is triggered

  • Collect information about prospective companies from LinkedIn based on your criteria

  • A new company record is created automatically in Salesforce

  • Transfer key company information to the data taken from LinkedIn

  • Set up a new company contact within Salesforce with all the relevant info

How much time could you save if B2B lead hunting took a few minutes instead of hours every week? Answer: a heck of a lot. It's a set-it-and-forget-it automation that significantly reduces the manual effort needed to keep your Salesforce lists up-to-date. 

Lead Enrichment

Enriching your leads can be a chore—but with the powers of Wrk and Salesforce combined, it becomes incredibly manageable.

Our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow works like this:

  • If you have any missing information fields in Salesforce, the automation identifies these first

  • Demographic and firmographic information is retrieved online, and add relevant details to Salesforce

  • Retrieve financial information from Crunchbase to enrich your leads further

  • Take location and experience data from LinkedIn

  • Update all profiles with the information gathered within your Salesforce lead lists

That's all there is to it. No hunting around for details, no manual data entry—just an efficient automated workflow that takes care of all the hard work for you. 

Automate Your Salesforce Workflow

Automating your Salesforce processes can be easy. With Wrk, it's easier than ever to improve the efficiency of your workflow and get a handle on every part of your sales operations.

From lead enrichment to report generation and customer relations, you can use Wrk to automate your Salesforce workflow and get more out of the platform. 

Ready to find out how it works? Get in touch today to organize a discovery call with us.