Sales automation gets rid of a lot of the boring and time-consuming tasks that sales reps, managers, and other people on your teams that bring in money have to do. In essence, it's the missing link you never knew you needed but suddenly can't live without. But what type of automation should you choose? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is powerful but rigid and expensive to implement. While Application Program Interface integrations, or API integrations for short, are easier to implement but limited when the process you want to automate becomes more complex. But what if there was another way to use automation to improve your sales processes? A hybrid way.

We have invested so much time in simplifying the adoption of automation at Wrk because we want to ensure that Sales leaders can spend their time empowering their team to even more ambitious goals rather than trying to manage a complicated platform. Our Hybrid Automation Platform—the world's first, by the way—contains a perfect mix of industry-best automation technology all in one place. This means our Automation Platform doesn't merely connect your data; it delivers the work you need, when you need it—giving Sales leaders and their teams the one thing we could all use more of: focused time to tackle higher-value tasks.

Use automation to streamline your business processes

You’ve worked so hard to establish effective sales processes to make sure that everyone follows the same steps, to offer consistency to your clients, and to guarantee that you can predict what your near future will look like as your business grows evolves. Our sales automation solutions are here to make your sales processes more consistent by improving the quality of your responses, making it easier to share information, and making it easier to follow up. They also save you time and energy that you can use to find new leads and keep in touch with them. 

Adopting solid sales automation processes and support tools with an easy-to-use Delivery Platform can benefit your business and your revenue-generating teams in multiple ways. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Benefits of automating your sales processes

Increases the productivity and performance of your team with Wrkflows that focus on automating steps such as enriching your lead list and nurturing your existing lead lists.

Maximizes your team and company’s collective efficiency by helping to manage your sales data and collect missing information on your clients.

Enables your Finance and Management team to accurately predict growth and scaling for the upcoming year by delivering consistent results and projections.

Ensures clear communication by providing a dashboard available to all members with access to our Automation Platform.

Decreases the response time with automated responses, quotes, updates, and touchpoints that go beyond a chatbot. This can increase your retention and customer satisfaction rates.

Stretches your budget further by delegating tasks to our Delivery Platform—freeing up time for your team members to close more deals, without sacrificing quality or consistency.

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Pitfalls to avoid with automation

Just like there are significant upsides to sales automation, there can also be counterpoints if the automated process is misused. Not all tasks should be automated. When it comes to adopting automation, the most common risk is the desire to automate every part of your sales processes. This can make your emails and other outreach seem robotic and too technical. As a person, there are parts of your help that can't be replaced, and your correspondence shows this. Clients often want to have an actual human on the other end that can empathize and creatively resolve their issues. 

Don't lose the human touch

Prospects, in particular, prefer not to be pushed through automated steps and instead want a personalized approach. In fact, if you look just at emails, adding a personal name versus a generic email address can increase your open rate by up to 35%!

The more time you have to tweak and personalize the email, the more likely you are to start to build a relationship with your prospect (and, ultimately, close the deal). 

Why? You may ask.

Most people don’t want to feel like they are just another prospect on a long list of leads. Writing them an email with empathy and compassion will likely make them feel more compelled to respond. Think about this every time you’re cutting corners and copy/pasting an email to several people at once. It doesn't go unnoticed by your client or prospect and it's easy for them to feel like they aren't important. This will significantly decrease the odds of them wanting to work with you.

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Certain tasks will still require and benefit from your team members' direct input. The best approach is to find the perfect balance between your current team and automated steps and processes. The fear of being completely eliminated from the sales cycle is easily debunked. We simply empower your team, and delegate tasks to our one-of-a-kind human + technology approach—in other words, Hybrid Automation.

Humans can think outside of a box that automation comfortably operates in.

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Dive deep into Wrk's Hybrid Automation

To keep all your sales tasks organized and visible, Wrk developed our Automation Platform. Our platform does not simply connect jobs via different API integrations, nor does it simply transform your data from one format to another; rather, it delivers the work you require.

The technology powering our platform is called Hybrid Automation to guarantee that you have all the power of automation right at your fingertips, and all in one place. The hybrid element takes the best of automation technology, such as RPA, API, and bots, and combines it with access to a real human workforce for tasks that require a uniquely human cognitive ability. We combine the best automation technology on the market to help growing companies do their work quickly and well, without leaving any gaps. And we don’t lose the value added from human input.

Finding the right platform for your needs

All this is brought together effortlessly with an easy-to-use Automation Platform, designed so your team can focus on what matters most and so you can scale without losing quality or having to add significantly to your budget.

We offer pre-built, pre-configured Wrk Actions that dynamically leverage the right technology for every step of your process while guaranteeing consistent unit pricing, speed, and efficiency. When you connect these Work Actions, our platform enables you to create fully customizable Workflows that replicate your most critical sales processes.

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Speed up your sales processes with Wrk’s Automation Platform

Discover how we can help you manage your clients, offer you support, reduce your response time, and enable you to bring home the best results and close more deals. We will mirror your most critical business process steps and help you determine what can be automated, and what requires your attention and expertise. This guarantees that you will always work efficiently and get the most out of your time. 

Wrk's Hybrid Automation model

We created an on-demand, 24/7 community to help maximize the “cognitive piece” of automating tasks—skilled workers who can complete individual steps within a larger Wrkflow.

Perfect Wrkflows for your sales processes

As previously mentioned, our Platform allows you to create the perfect Wrkflow for your unique sales process. We also empower your team to control how your automations are set up. This means that you’re in control every step of the way. Our Automated Wrkflows are typically made up of 3-5 work actions (though this number can vary) that replicate a single sales cycle process. 

The average sales cycle can be broken down into seven main steps: prospecting, making contact, qualifying leads, nurturing leads, presenting an offer, dealing with objections, and closing the sale. For all of these stages, we have a sales Wrkflow that could help you.

Sales-focused Wrkflows for your sales processes

Average sales cycle stages


You start with creating an efficient process that allows you to gather the data you need for your targeted leads before you start making calls. Our Lead Enrichment and Sales Data & List Management Wrkflows are designed to help you find the gaps and missing information in your lists. With steps that help identify and scrape the internet for missing data from platforms like LinkedIn and Crunchbase (to name but a few), and automatically update the profiles in your CRM of choice. Once this is done, you’ll be ready to start your lead prospecting process. 

Learn how to close deals faster with our Wrkflows.


You have a vital role to play in this area. But there are steps you can automate so you can focus on making people like you, understanding them, and coming up with creative ways to help them. A call will always feel better—we’ve got a Wrkflow for that by the way—but if you don’t have the contact information, or they are not yet at a call stage, you can use our Personalized Email Wrkflow to get you through the door.

Qualify your lead

When it comes to qualifying your leads, automation will take you back to fields that you saw during your prospecting phase. This is because qualifying your leads is a process that requires your own knowledge and analysis. You can use the Lead Enrichment Wrkflow to add fields and get the missing information to narrow down your ideal lead profile. As leads provide more information based on their response and behavior, you can work on progressive profiling, which will help you in the next step.

Nurture your lead

Leads can’t convert on their own. You know that, we know that, heck, everyone does. The truth is they need nurturing. When you automate your lead nurturing process, you can ensure that every lead goes through each step of your conversion funnel consistently and on time. Our Lead Nurturing Wrkflow allows you to sit back and watch as our Platform automatically takes care of these key steps—allowing you to work on high-value tasks in parallel. For tips on how to nurture your leads with our Hybrid Automation technology, read more here

Present an offer

This can be a very quick step, but it's essential to have a succinct way of providing each lead with a quote, and proposal, and then the client onboarding process will fill the contacts. Our Quote & Proposal Development Wrkflow will help shorten your sales cycle so you can move on to the next stage of your sales cycle.

Address all concerns

Many concerns will require your personal touch and where you will, at times, need to think outside the box to come up with creative solutions. However, there will be instances where a Deal Management Wrkflow might come in handy to help with your client onboarding process. 

Close the sale

This one is all on you! Closing a deal is exactly what we empower your team to do. We can help automate your process by keeping your clients, once onboarded, well informed and updated with any new quotes or information with our Customer Retention & Growth Wrkflow.

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Prediction for the future of sales automation

Automation has come a long way in recent years, and the results are overwhelmingly positive for sales leaders across almost all industries. Automating your tasks will free up 35% of your time. Increasing your sales volume is about improving efficiency, speed of delivery, and consistency in results.

The global sales force automation market is expected to double by 2023 (growing from $3.9 billion to $7.8 billion), with lead and opportunity management tools in greatest demand.

By using automation, sales teams that want to grow or reach their fullest potential will have a big advantage over their competitors. Automating the important, yet time-consuming steps of your sales process with an automation platform that is simple to implement and easy to use can revolutionize your work. This will allow your sales reps and revenue-generating teams to spend more time on what they do best—communicating with prospects and closing those juicy high-value deals. 

No code experience? No problem.

Do you have IT or coding experience? There's no need. At Wrk, we believe in empowering your team and simplifying the process of automation integration. 

And don’t fear, you won’t be alone on this journey! 92% of business leaders said they consider automation vital to their success. Wrk will be with you at every step of the adoption process to help you break down silos across departments, improve consistency with clients, as well as provide a predictable and painless onboarding experience across every channel. 

We have several pieces to support your introduction to the Hybrid Automation approach including several eBooks addressing your revenue-generating concerns.

And if you're looking to learn more about how we can help your business, then why not book a demo with us today?