RevOps automation has taken off In recent years. With the intersection of marketing, sales, and customer success integration, more companies are focusing on approaching revenue operations holistically. Automation solutions like Wrk give people in all RevOps departments more power by guaranteeing access to exact and up-to-date data. Further, a solid RevOps strategy improves the customer experience, from lead lists to keeping clients. And helping businesses transform their processes and establish much-needed alignment across the three revenue-generating departments to boost earning potential. The RevOps paradigm shift is clear: the number of companies using a Revenue Operations strategy grew by 15% between 2021 and 2022. And more are expected to adopt the structure in 2023. It's the way forward, as they say. 

In this article, we're looking at how automation can benefit RevOps processes. However, it's more fitting to look at how automation enables RevOps alignment in the first place. So without further ado, we present to you:

7 RevOps Automation Processes to Elevate Your Business

1. Lead Generation

Lead generation is a great place to start when automating RevOps processes. This is an important task that marketing and sales teams take on continually. However, it is a verytime-consuming task. This helps to ensure that there are always prospects in the sales pipeline. While humans still play a critical role in RevOps, automation can take most lead-generation tasks off your team's plate.

Wrk offers a range of lead generation Wrkflows, that help you build a dynamic list of leads your sales teams can work with. With these Wrkflows, your teams can quickly identify leads based on social media engagement, automatically import new contacts from events, source new prospects from platforms like LinkedIn, and more. 

2. Lead enrichment

With an full, fresh lead lists, the next step for RevOps is to gather rich data about each prospect, to inform lead qualification and sales tactics. By manually sifting through data to finding missing fields, like contact information, company size, and revenue information, productivity drops. RevOps teams could spend on more critical tasks. That's where automation comes in. 

Wrk's Lead Enrichment Wrkflow automatically identifies missing data fields in your CRM and seeks information to enrich leads. For example, LinkedIn is used to fill in missing contact information. Crunchbase can help you find gaps in data about funding or sales. Further, having a CRM database full of enriched leads allows for well-informed lead qualification and sequence enrolment.

3. Sales Proposals

As warm leads near the end of the sales funnel, the company will task the RevOps teams with drawing up and approving custom proposals, quotes, and contracts. When it comes to optimizing lead conversions this part is critical. Any mistake in a proposal or taking too long to send a quote can lose you an important client and tarnish your reputation. 

With automation, your sales teams can quickly and accurately generate proposals with client information and custom quotes. By eliminating the risk of human error, it ensures consistency with your business practices. Ultimately, automating this RevOps accelerates the sales cycle by making it easier to create and send proposals, track when bids are received, and send follow-ups. 

4. Client onboarding

Once deals have been closed, you can prime your new customers for the client onboarding process. With a RevOps framework, the transition from sales to customer success should be seamless. With manual onboarding, however, there is no guarantee that someone will greet each new client with the same degree of attention and care.

Our Client Onboarding Wrkflow enhances the process by ensuring each new client has the same top-quality reception with automated welcome messages, custom product or service information, relevant webinars, video tutorials, and an invitation to schedule a meeting. By automating onboarding, customer success teams will have more time and resources to answer follow-up questions and help clients who need more attention, all while making a good impression on all new clients. 

5. Account planning

Account planning is an essential part of building solid relationships with clients. It's also another RevOps process that's ready to be automated. With a natural progression of lead enrichment, and account planning helps your sales and customer success teams better understand clients by providing insights into their decision-making, market position, funding updates, and goals.

With our Account Planning Wrkflow, your teams can benefit from automatically updated and synced client data, including contract details, employee growth, and funding rounds. From there, it's easy to predict how customer needs and expectations will change. It will also help find the right time to offer an upsell. In the end, a good strategy helps build good relationships with clients and turns what could be a one-time sale into a steady stream of income.

6. Client Reporting

Client reporting is an excellent way for RevOps teams to be transparent with clients and show them the value of their business. That said, customer success teams know how time-intensive compiling reports can be. Not only is there data to gather and process, but there are also charts to create, layouts to fine-tune, and numbers to double-check. It adds up.

Automation can dramatically simplify client reporting by automatically collecting relevant data from LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Twitter Ad Manager, and other sources and translating it into weekly, monthly, or annual reports. And the benefits extend beyond time saved: automating client reporting can reduce human error and data inaccuracies by syncing with your CRM and other platforms, and it opens up regular communication with your clients in a scalable way.

Learn how automated client reporting can boost your team's productivity in our blog post!

7. Customer Feedback

One of the main reasons to use a RevOps strategy is that it emphasizes a smooth customer experience. This successful outcome makes customers happier and more likely to stick around. Each of the RevOps processes mentioned above contributes to this. Still, encouraging customers to give feedback about their experiences is another way to keep them returning.

With Wrk, you can get customer feedback automatically and take different actions based on how people rate your surveys. If a customer indicates dissatisfaction, our Hybrid Automation solution can follow up with the client via phone. The team will call to understand where you can make changes. Positive customer feedback will prompt them to leave your business a review or make a referral.

RevOps Automation processes with our Wrkflows

Automation is an essential part of a successful RevOps strategy. It syncs data across your business's CRM platform, making the marketing, sales, and customer success processes easier and faster. 

If you want to check out our RevOps Wrkflows, get in touch today to book a demo.