Since it launched in 2003, LinkedIn has become an invaluable asset across the business world. The networking platform has more than 875 million members and is used for many things, such as recruitment, professional networking, brand marketing, and lead generation. But like any social media platform, managing a healthy LinkedIn presence and making the most of its resources can be time-consuming and laborious. Fortunately, Wrk Automated Wrkflows combined with LinkedIn Automation, can assist your marketing and sales teams to achieve their LinkedIn goals.

What is LinkedIn Automation?

As with any business automation platform, LinkedIn designed its tool to help your RevOps (Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success) teams by making some essential but repetitive tasks more manageable. The goal is for automation to make departments' jobs more accessible so people can use their time and unique skills on more strategic, high-value tasks like making new campaigns and content and closing deals. 

LinkedIn automation tools are as diverse as the networking platform is multi-purpose. There are automation tools for all kinds of LinkedIn processes, whether you are seeking out high-quality prospects, looking for information to enrich leads, or managing incoming messages from existing or potential clients. Some general tools for automating social media include the ability to schedule posts, analyze engagement, and make campaign reports. 

What are LinkedIn Automation tools?

Wrk has many pre-configured Wrkflows and Wrk Actions that can help simplify and improve how you do things on LinkedIn. Our most popular automation tools are lead generation, sequence enrollment, and social media outreach.

Whether it's Marketing or Sales, there is no question that personalization works. 71% of consumers today expect personalized interactions throughout the buying journey. Manually delivering consistent personalization is challenging, if not impossible, to scale, let alone achieve. Automated Personalized Sequence Enrollment ensures that each lead gets personalized follow-up and communication at the right time as they move through the sales process. This Wrkflow integrates with your CRM and automatically sends your LinkedIn leads custom touchpoints based on their previous interactions with your company, the products they are interested in, and how far along the sales funnel they are. 

Social Media Outreach

Most (76%) of consumers expect a reply on social media in under 24 hours. Imagine the workforce you'd need to achieve this as your customer base grows. Daunting, to say the least. Deploy our Communication Outreach Wrkflow to automate and improve response times on LinkedIn, whether a comment on a post or a message in your InMail. And Wrk's unique Hybrid Automation approach gives you options. You can use more conventional response templates for instant LinkedIn replies. Or, if you don't want to sound too robotic, you can use our skilled staff to respond in a way that isn't written down. Ultimately, this Wrkflow guarantees that each social media engagement is a real opportunity to build a solid brand reputation and drive sales.

How LinkedIn Automation can benefit your business

  • Greater efficiency: One of the most significant advantages of integrating LinkedIn automation tools is saving time. Manually searching for leads, following up, and maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn takes enormous effort and time. Our automation solution can handle many of these steps.

  • Active profile: Maintaining an active presence is part of making the most out of LinkedIn. Automation keeps your profile running by posting, responding, and engaging with other content without constant input from your teams. (And don't worry, our automation tools ensure your brand doesn't stray into the dreaded realm of spamming!)

  • Lead generation: With a large community of decision-makers, LinkedIn is home to many high-quality leads. With automation, you will always notice every sales opportunity. And every lead has a considerate and personalized experience with your brand. 

  • Personalized communication: Our automation solution is unique in combining traditional automation with a human touch. This ensures your automated LinkedIn communications are dynamic and friendly—never robotic. 

Automate your LinkedIn processes with Wrk

LinkedIn presents an incredible opportunity for businesses looking to find new leads and establish a good reputation amongst other professionals. With our automation solution, you can take advantage of this chance without reorganizing and growing your current teams.

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