There are many different forms and ways to find success when working on a RevOps team or with sales objectives. Closing deals, building strong relationships with prospects, having an enriched and up to date lead list, templates for outreach, and perfecting the customer journey from the first touchpoint to the last are all vital components of some of the best sales strategies. 

Whether it’s because you don’t have one set location to sell your service or product, or if it’s because you’re traveling or working remotely, conducting business and establishing trust with new and existing customers has always been possible from afar. 

In fact, a lot of the strategies have gotten better and the remote approach has only helped Sales teams find more effective tools to help them be available 24/7 so they never miss a deal, regardless of where they're selling from, whether it be from an office or from their homes. Remote selling isn’t new, but the tools and software available has increased tenfold in the past few years, with uncertain times and priority shifts. 

What is remote selling?

Whether you’ve intentionally chosen to take on a remote team, a remote sales role, or if you just welcome the flexibility, remote selling has likely been a part of your sales strategy. 

For every outside/field sales rep that’s currently being hired, there are 10 inside/remote sales reps being onboarded. So you might be asking, what is remote selling?

Remote selling happens when the Sales member and their prospect aren’t in the same location during the entire buyer’s journey—from prospecting to close. 

Establishing a relationship with customers from afar

A big part of establishing a good relationship with a prospect is based on creating a rapport. So many of our interactions are fortified and cemented through body language. So how will you build a solid relationship without ever being in the same room as someone?

Whether you’re 100% remote or just partially, you’ve no doubt wondered how much of your hard work to close a deal has been made more difficult by not being able to see each other in person. 

Thanks to video calling software, like Zoom and Google Meet, you can now see each other and read body language as you try to navigate the virtual world with your prospects. 

Social Selling has also started to become a big part of revenue-building teams and sales strategies. At Wrk, we’ve taken a look at different forms of social media marketing, like lead generation with Twitter, reaching top prospects with LinkedIn, and sales outreach and DMs to Instagram leads, and automation can help support many of these concerns. 

How to manage a remote sales team 

Despite these difficulties and initial reasons to balk at remote selling or trying to close deals while ‘on the go,’ It can be common for remote sales teams to feel disconnected from the organization and from their other departments. 

Your job, when managing remote workers, will be to give them all the tools they need to succeed. Leaders that make the extra effort will see the benefits and increased productivity. 

Slack or similar can be your best friend. Encourage employee engagement by giving all teams a way to stay in touch and up-to-date. 

Share wins with the entire company. Closing sales, celebrating big (and small) benchmarks. 

Choosing the right CRM for your business and your teams is crucial. Whether automation is supporting your team with lead input, reporting, or tracking, the right fit for different strategies needs to be in place. 

Don’t stop at a CRM, there are many tools available to facilitate communication, cloud storage, project management, tracking, and so much more. Make sure that your sales team is well-equipped to help their work be more transparent and constantly accessible. 

Best sales strategies for your remote sales team

  • Follow up constantly - with your team, with the organization, and with your leads and clients.

  • Clear and consistent communication - 24/7 availability is hard, but automation can help you with templates, responses, and quick responses, so you never miss an opportunity when life takes precedence. 

  • Make recordings of your calls or meetings - Having something to transcribe later, or go back to, is a smart practice. This will also help you to remember details that clients mention that will make them feel extra special. 

  • Cloud sharing and collaboration - A great tool to make sure you can break down silos through file sharing and having a bank/library of information for everyone on your team to easily access so you provide efficient, but also consistent care. 

  • Have templates in place - Automated platforms can help to mimic your own processes so you never miss an opportunity to send a quote, reach out with an offer, or even create posts that add value to your audience. 

And lastly, work office hours only - This is for you. Your time is incredibly valuable. When working remotely, we often forget that we don’t need to be available every minute of the day, thankfully, there are platforms like Wrk that can help you appear ‘always available,' without actually having to be. 

Reach out to our experts today to see how Wrk can help you close deals, engage with prospects, and make top sales goals without having to extend your own working hours and efforts.