Have you ever been cleaning up your lead lists or looking for prospect information and realized you’re missing a phone number or that your CRM has two different job titles for the lead you want to contact? Maybe you’ve even had to merge a large amount of data from one location to another, but you’re concerned about what you might lose or double up on? All those Sales Director tasks start to add up when you only have so many hours in the day. You might be in need of a guide to integration software.

Sales Directors deal with some of these issues multiple times a day. They either have to delegate the actions to someone else on the team or spend their own time trying to navigate the large sets of data, scroll through pages and pages of sites like LinkedIn, or databases with profiles and contact information. The options are infinite, but unfortunately, your time is not. 

We created this integration guide just for you. 

What is integration software?

Let's start with the basics. When businesses continue to grow, executive teams need to find resources to improve their management, keep everything organized and scalable, and fill in the gaps that they otherwise can’t fill with personnel. At times, they may even need to use multiple software solutions. 

More and more teams are looking to do the impossible and stretch their 24-hour day as much as they can. 

This might require more than one software solution, and to manage those, organizations will need an integration software tool to keep everything organized, accessible to all, and synchronized. 

Traditionally, organizations and teams would need professional software integrators to connect their systems. These would require specialists to design and implement the many applications, as well as exorbitant costs associated with new apps and new scalable features. As you grow, so can the cost. Luckily, technology is catching up and new integration platforms are being introduced—like Wrk, the first of its kind—that can take on multiple tools at once, and mimic your business processes to work with your team and save time (and money), by empowering your team to get the most out of their work day. 

Why does a sales director need integration tools?

Integrations and integration software are helpful tools for every business, no matter the size or industry. Some integrations and applications are more suited for start-ups, SMBs, and enterprise companies, but using the best tool available will always help you get an edge over the competition. 

The software that is best for your team, might not be the best choice for your customers, or for other departments, so you may have to get multiple tools, and that’s what a competent platform can provide for you—an easy-to-use multiple integration and application dashboard with everything available in one place. 

A Gartner study predicts that by 2023, organizations that promote data sharing will outperform their peers on most business value metrics. 

Companies that have business-facing key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure data sharing, and can be integrated with automation, are 1.7 times more likely to be effective at consistently producing clear business value. 

What is an hour worth for your Sales team? 

As a Sales Director, your role is to maximize your time and your teams’ time. And you knew the answer to this right when you read it, the hour can be spent closing deals, doing cold calls, following up on emails, and finding creative ways to develop your relationship with your clients. 

Having the right tools in place can stretch that hour so you can be accomplishing tasks in parallel, not in gradual steps. Integration software has been designed to take on some of your load, especially when it comes to small and repetitive steps that are sucking up your time and attention.

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What is getting in the way of selling and closing deals full-time? 

Sales reps are only spending about ⅓ of their time actively selling, and the right sales management software will help to keep your team organized, and doing what they do best. Their high-value tasks are the ones they should be focusing on in order to move the bottom line (and provide your teams with the right numbers to support your goals). 

Not every company has the resources or the knowledge to make sure those time-consuming steps aren't piling up. It's a complicated process to find the best fit for you and your team, but thankfully, there are experts to help. such as those at Wrk who work with you to determine the best process.

Best sales tools for Sales and RevOps leaders

We classify our integrations based on your business requirements. There are many apps and integrations available today, and many of them are very good. Some target specific steps of your processes, and some are department-specific, but all of them are designed to remove pesky and tedious tasks from your plate so you can put your energy elsewhere. 

Here are a few integrations that the Wrk platform easily pairs with:

Pipedrive. A simple interface that’s easy to learn and best for very small teams. 

HubSpot. An integrated marketing and sales tool best for medium-sized to large sales teams. 

Salesforce. A powerful tool with integrated AI features is best for enterprise sales teams. 

Freshworks. A tool with integrated live chat features best for medium, enterprise Sales teams. 

Close. An all-in-one CRM built for transparency and accessibility amongst teams.

Zoom. A video conferencing app for Sales teams to stay connected with team members, prospects, and customers. 

And so many more…

Check out the full list of Wrk Actions and Wrkflows here

The right fit for you and your business goals

Sales Directors have a very important role and it requires a lot of responsibility. Thankfully, there are many sales tools available on the market today. Having a strong sales engagement platform is a critical part of the role. 

With the Wrk platform, you can automate very complex processes and build powerful Wrkflows within minutes. Our goal is to remove confusion and extra costs. 

The Hybrid Automation Platform gives you the best automation technology in the business, all in one place and ready to grow with your work. 

Connect with one of our experts today to see how we can empower your team.