It's not a secret that getting leads is one of the most important things for many businesses, and that makes sense. But the reality is that 96% of visitors to your website are not ready to purchase. So that no potential client falls through the cracks, sales teams should focus on generating leads and developing a good plan for nurturing leads. But nurturing leads takes time and money, and if you need to move faster, your prospects might lose interest and look for other ways to solve their problems. By automating lead nurturing to make the process run more smoothly, sales teams can run circles around their competitors.

Wrk's Automated lead nurturing Wrkflows, as we'll see in this article, can support B2B Sales teams by helping them to nurture and guide prospective customers through the sales funnel quickly, despite the unique challenges they may be facing now and in the years ahead.

Challenges for Sales Teams

Sales teams face many hurdles. Many organizations encounter cyclical periods when business is slow, particularly in the summer. And depending on your product or service, you may also experience a slow period around the holidays as buyers' minds are elsewhere. Even if that wasn't enough, things out of your control, like a global pandemic, could make it harder for you to reach your goals.

In addition to the problems with repetitive tasks, sales employees have to deal with issues unique to the job. These requirements include getting in touch with prospects, combining sales and marketing efforts, and sorting leads to figure out which ones are most likely to turn into sales. And of course, don't forget the additional administrative work. 

So the question for B2B suppliers today is: how do you secure sales and high-quality leads when spending is down and you have fewer resources? The answer? Automated lead nurturing.

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Why lead nurturing is more important than ever

One of the first things a Sales team can do to overcome these challenges is to differentiate its offering. Standing out from the crowd is crucial to getting noticed, which is the first step toward securing a lead. However, catching a potential lead's eye isn't the only thing that matters. To convert prospects into quality customers, Sales teams must nurture leads, helping them through each stage of the buying funnel.

Today, it is more important than ever for your Sales team to have a comprehensive lead-nurturing strategy. B2B buyers are rightfully careful about how much money they spend. They are looking for solutions to specific problems in their businesses. An effective lead nurturing strategy will enable salespeople to identify these pain points and offer their leads relevant content, scalable solutions, and, ultimately, added value in the form of their product or service.

Also, companies that do an excellent job of nurturing leads will get 50% more ready-to-buy leads for 33% less money.

Meet your leads where they are

Most prospects aren't ready to buy when they visit your site. Your strategy will need to be multifaceted and allow your Sales teams to engage with prospective clients on many levels and through various channels. It's also important to remember that the way you nurture each lead will depend on the buyer's persona, pain points, and prospect goals. With this information, sales teams can provide relevant content (such as blog posts and case studies) to leads and make valuable connections via direct mail, email marketing, or social media.

Lead nurturing is an excellent way to show a specific customer how valuable your product or service is, and it's also a perfect way to build a long-term relationship with them. This investment can pay off in both the long-term and the short-term, as your business will remain top-of-mind when these leads are ready to buy. 

A single-click-solution to lead nurturing

Even though a full-fledged lead nurturing strategy pays off for B2B suppliers, it is clear that it has many parts and takes a lot of time and resources. With support, your Sales team can thrive under everything that high-quality lead nurturing involves, including tailored sales pitches, customer relationship management (CRM) updates, and regular, personalized follow-ups. Luckily, this doesn't have to be the case. Like here at Wrk, automation technologies give your team the tools to streamline lead nurturing efficiently and cost-effectively.

At its core, Wrk enables B2B Sales teams to automate many mundane, repetitive steps involved in lead nurturing, freeing up valuable time to focus on high-value prospects and end-of-funnel leads. Once a team member adds a lead, Wrk's cutting-edge technology can automatically classify the client, compile relevant data and insights, and create a customized product sheet. Lead nurturing automation can also make and send personalized emails to your potential customers, as well as respond quickly to any messages that come in.

A strong lead nurturing process can help your Sales team stand out from the crowd. 

The right tool for your automated strategies

The Wrk Automation Platform also understands that every lead nurturing journey is unique. For example, a potential customer who downloaded an eBook or attended a webinar your company put on is further along in the sales funnel than a lead who is just looking at your website for the first time. So, automated lead nurturing keeps track of each lead's sales journey. It makes sure that they not only get the right information but also get it at the right time.

To ensure your lead nurturing process is personalized, you must be able to tell where everyone is on the sales funnel. Automation helps you achieve this goal with very little friction.

But how does automation know what content to send and when to share it? It's simple. Automation sorts leads into different stages of the buying journey based on how they interact with you.

Finally, automated lead nurturing takes care of many of the early stages of the B2B selling process. Like product education, giving your Sales team more time to focus on customers further along the pipeline. Salespeople no longer need to spend time determining which leads are valuable. Automated lead nurturing carries prospective buyers smoothly through their journey and presents only qualified leads to Sales teams.

Reach your sales goals with automation

Your sales strategy can get a boost from automated lead nurturing. This can also help you get high-quality leads that will help you reach your KPI and OKR goals.

To learn more about how the Wrk Automation Platform can support your Sales team, visit our Wrkflows page.