As one of the main focuses for your company is converting leads into customers, you'd assume that your salespeople would spend all of their time selling. Their priority might not be on your Salesforce lists or on any organizational lists at all. You might be thinking they should be cold-calling and closing deals during the entirety of their workday. Right?

The reality is that most salespeople spend less than half of their time actually selling. The rest of their time—roughly 64.8% of it, according to Forbes—is spent manually enriching leads and managing extensive lists of data. It's a serious waste of valuable sales time. 

There's a simple solution, however: automated workflows. Salesforce lists should be useful, not tedious. Automated workflows streamline data maintenance and make it easier for salespeople to focus on what matters—closing the deal.

Here at Wrk, we've got three handy automations to help your team maximize their sales time and keep your Salesforce lists up to date. Let's take a look.

Deduplicate your Salesforce lists

One of the biggest complaints associated with data lists is that they contain redundant information. It's not uncommon for a list to include two or three different entries for the same customer, each with slightly different contact information. 

While not technically threatening to your sales, redundancies cause frustrating issues. They take up valuable storage space on hard drives and in the cloud; they can lead to confusion, as salespeople try to figure out which information is most up-to-date; and of course, they make it difficult to create reports that accurately represent customer relationships.

Automated deduplication cleans up the clutter by identifying unnecessary, repetitive, and redundant data. The way our Deduplication Wrkflow operates is simple: 

  • Your Salesforce lists are compared to your imported data to identify redundancies

  • The data is cleaned and all unnecessary information is deleted

  • All missing fields in your records are identified

  • Information is retrieved and added to fill in the missing fields

  • If new records need to be added, they are created automatically in Salesforce and enriched

Once the Wrkflow has run its course, there's a final check to make sure all data is in its proper place—and voila. Your Salesforce lists are cleaned and enriched!

Sales data & Salesforce list management

With clean Salesforce lists, you're ready for the next step: data retrieval and list management. Why go digging for new leads and contact details when a simple Wrkflow can do it all for you? What's more, you can schedule the Wrkflow to run at the same time every week and never lift a finger. 

Our Sales Data & List Management Wrkflow is designed to bring new leads and contact details into your Salesforce lists. It's a simple 5-step process: 

  • The Wrkflow is triggered at whichever time you've scheduled it for

  • Within LinkedIn, companies are researched based on your pre-set criteria (e.g. size, location, industry)

  • A new company record is created within Salesforce for each company that matches your criteria

  • Key contact information is carried over to the new records within Salesforce

  • A new and complete Salesforce contact is created for each company 

By automating these steps, your team can close more deals while touch points, quotes, and product updates are all handled automatically. There's no drop in communication and your team has a lot more time to follow up while the oven's hot. 

Suddenly, you've got a fresh batch of leads and contact details to work with. Your Salesforce lists are clean, accurate, and up-to-date—all without your manual labor. 

Lead enrichment automation

Your Salesforce lists are clean and well-populated. So, what's next?

Lead enrichment is perhaps one of the most crucial steps in the sales process. The enrichment process takes your leads, contact information, and customer profiles and supplements them with additional data, giving you a much more comprehensive view of the customer's situation. 

Without enrichment, you are working with the bare minimum—the company's industry, size, and location. With enrichment, you have a much more comprehensive view of the customer's relationships with other companies, their needs, and the best way to approach them.

Our Lead Enrichment Wrkflow handles the tedious grunt work in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Here's how it works:

  • All missing fields in your Salesforce lists are identified

  • Missing information (both demographic and firmographic) is retrieved and then added to the empty fields

  • Funding and revenue data is imported to your contacts from Crunchbase

  • Location and experience data is retrieved from LinkedIn

  • All profiles are updated with the new data and verified

In no time at all, your contacts are enriched with valuable information to help you hit the sales sweet spot. It's much easier to persuade a client when you know their pain points and the experience they've had with similar companies. And it helps you establish rapport. You can then show them that you know their headaches and their processes.

Automate it all!

With automated workflows, you can keep your Salesforce lists clean and up-to-date while digging into the details of each contact. Automation, then, will cover the grunt work and focus your energy on the work only humans can do—fortifying relationships of trust. 

Once you've automated these crucial steps, you're able to focus on the high-value outreach that you're best at. At the same time, you're not losing out because of bad data.

Check out our Wrkflows today to see how we can help your sales team succeed.