It is hard to find the time to find early-stage leads and get relevant information for each of them. It can also eat into time that would be better spent on client meetings and, when it comes down to it, selling. Over 40% of salespeople cite prospecting as the most challenging step in the sales process. Our Automated Prospecting Wrkflow takes much of the legwork out of prospecting and dramatically simplifies what has traditionally been an arduous responsibility for sales departments.

"How does it achieve that?" you might be asking. The answer is "in a few ways." For starters, by automatically finding leads from online sources like LinkedIn, our Wrkflow ensures that your lead list is always complete. Beyond list generation, our Wrkflow takes care of lead scoring in your CRM solution and sends personalized outreach emails to new leads. From there, the Wrkflow integrates with your calendar to schedule follow-up meetings with the warmest leads. You can incorporate this all-in-one solution with other automated Wrkflows to streamline your sales processes significantly.

What is an Automated Prospecting Wrkflow?

Our Automated Prospecting Wrkflow is part of our suite of automation tools for Sales departments. We designed this Wrkflow to support your Sales team's activities and boost daily efficiency. Sales professionals spend a significant chunk of their time doing repetitive but essential tasks that use little of their selling skills. Prospecting is one of them. By automating this task, sales reps will have more time to build strong relationships with leads and generate new revenue. 

What are the benefits of automated prospecting?

Our Automated Prospecting Wrkflow has many benefits and can add significant value to your Sales operations. Let's get into what the three main advantages are.

  • Efficiency: Automated Prospecting unlocks greater sales efficiency by automatically identifying potential leads from various sources and sourcing their contact information. Instead of having sales reps spend valuable hours clicking through LinkedIn and scouring the web for up-to-date contact details, our Wrkflow generates this information behind the scenes, providing you with a consistently complete lead list.

  • Scalability: In addition to sourcing leads, our Wrkflow follows up on them with automated lead scoring, personalized emails, and appointment scheduling. This constant follow-up enables your Sales team to process more leads without scaling up staff and resources accordingly. When the warmest leads have progressed in the pipeline, your Sales team can jump into action.

  • Motivation: Automated Prospecting can help keep your Sales team motivated by reducing the amount of repetitive and tedious admin tasks that have traditionally fallen on them. By taking lead sourcing, lead scoring, and outreach emails off their plate, they will not only have more time to put towards selling but also be more motivated by the high-value tasks on their to-do list. 

Who Uses the Automated Prospecting Wrkflow?

Sales teams are the most obvious choice for the main users of this Wrkflow. It is a critical step in Sales automation strategies. Users who work with Apollo, LinkedIn, Clearbit, and other integrations to find the best prospects benefit from automation.

It can be used for one-off tasks and implemented to streamline your processes long-term. Sourcing leads takes up a big chunk of your day. Your pipeline needs constant updates and various sources feeding it new contacts.

Our Automated Prospecting Wrkflow helps you send personalized emails to prospects, even when you're out closing. Effortlessly integrate this Wrkflow with your lead generation strategy. All RevOps teams will be using a form of automation already, make sure you're using one that scales.

How does automated prospecting integrate with your sales processes?

Like all our Wrkflows, we designed the Automated Prospecting Wrkflow to integrate seamlessly into your existing Sales processes. This Wrkflow connects various tools and platforms. When this tool is used, it creates an automated sequence that works consistently and on its own. 

Specifically, this Wrkflow can integrate with data activation platforms such as Clearbit, online databases like LinkedIn and Crunchbase, CRM solutions like Hubspot and Salesforce, and internal tools like email and calendars. For a complete picture of all our Wrkflow integrations, check out our library of Wrk Actions. Ultimately, our Automated Prospecting Wrkflow is a crucial piece in the sales automation puzzle and can improve your team's performance and drive sales opportunities. 

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