There’s no way around it—sometimes leads that seemed to be sales slip through the cracks. A prospect initially seemed very interested, but now your emails go unanswered. After what appeared to be a promising client meeting, you get ghosted. And even if the process of scheduling a meeting runs smoothly and the interaction is positive, if you don’t follow up after that meeting fast enough, you risk losing the sale to a competitor. That’s why automated deal management is a game changer for Sales teams everywhere. 

By automating processes that come along with tracking your leads through the sales cycle, you can truly master the art of sealing the deal. Let’s take a look at how automated deal management may just be the solution you’ve been searching for to propel your Sales team to success. 

The importance of formalized sales processes

For many companies that are early in their growth journey, tasks are often a matter of trial and error and in a lot of cases, teams are “making it up as they go,” finding what works best for them. But when it comes to sales, you can’t leave anything up to chance. Without a formalized sales process, you could very well be setting your team up for failure—or missing your targets every month. 

Approximately two-thirds of companies with set sales processes see a deal win-rate exceeding 50%. What’s more, solving poor sales management processes can result in a 17% increase in total sales. 

The answer seems simple; with a formalized sales process, you’ll have less margin for error and can keep your data consistent and streamlined. But as noted, many newer companies have teams that although talented, often lack experience in developing a solid sales strategy. Automation can help you create a reliable sales strategy to optimize your sales outreach funnel and help clients every step of the way, no matter where they are in the sales cycle. 

Creating customer loyalty with consistent communication

Communication is vital to any relationship and that includes the relationship between organizations and potential clients. It’s a known fact that if you don't reach out to a lead fast enough, you risk losing them to an organization that will.

Sales operations come with a lot of processes that are “necessary evils,” like data entry and sorting, de-duplicating, lead enrichment, and scoring to determine which leads are most likely to convert. Sales teams spend a lot of time on these tasks when instead, they could be building relationships with potential leads and making a good impression.

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The key to starting off a relationship on the right foot with a client is reaching out quickly and following up consistently. Automation can keep repetitive tasks at bay and work alongside your Sales team so they can focus on what matters most. 

Of course, that’s where Wrk’s Delivery Platform comes in. Powered by Hybrid Automation and the latest cutting-edge technology on the market, Wrk can handle your deal management processes from start to finish. 

Streamlining your follow-up

Our powerful Deal Management Wrkflows can ensure leads are reached out to in a timely fashion and keep follow-up streamlined and consistent. 

Usually, the lead nurturing process starts with an email. Automation can help you with that first step to personalize your email outreach so your leads feel valued, and not like just another number. 

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to connect with leads, emails go unanswered. You can set a timeframe to launch your Wrkflow to reach out to leads via email that have not yet confirmed a meeting. Once they’ve confirmed, you can then use Wrkflows to find a meeting time that works for both parties. And finally, leads will be automatically updated on a CRM platform like Hubspot so that your team is on the same page. It’s just that simple! 

Beyond that, automation can help your team create a compelling proposal that will wow your future clients. Automation also makes tracking leads throughout your sales cycle a breeze, as you can automatically update contacts when they move from leads, to qualified leads, to opportunities, and, ultimately, to clients. 

Once the deal is done 

When your Sales team has officially closed the deal, your work with the client isn’t done. Now your Sales team will need to pass off the client to your Customer Success team and onboarding can commence. Did you know that automation can help you with that too? 

When a client is signed, you can use automation to trigger a welcome email, assign them to the first available Customer Success Agent, book an introductory meeting, and more. 

Automation can help you go beyond a client onboarding checklist to streamline the process, allowing you to offer an optimal experience for your clients. You can continue to make a positive first impression for your new customers by providing an expedited and smooth onboarding experience. Our end-to-end automated Client Onboarding Wrkflows can build a solid foundation for your clients, create customer satisfaction, and in the long run, encourage renewal. 

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Elevate your deal management processes with automation 

While automated deal management may not guarantee that a lead will convert, it certainly increases the odds by setting the right impression with timely and consistent communication. With automation by your Sales team’s side, they’ll have a formalized sales process that they can count on. 

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