When it comes to making sales, a direct approach on Instagram is best. Your marketing messages can easily get lost in the sea of content on the Instagram Story Viewer, or in the main feed. The best way to reach customers is not always by simply creating good content—even though it’s a good start—or by using the most popular Instagram hashtags. If you want your message to get through, you can send a sales direct message (DM) on Instagram to a specific group of 2 billion Instagram users. In fact, a survey revealed that more than 60% of customers prefer text messaging or direct messaging as their business communication method.

So we know it’s the preferred method, but where do you begin? 

Instagram has been around for 12 years now. In that time it has become a lucrative way to communicate directly with your clients or prospects. In fact, it's more popular than ever

Let’s get down to the basics when it comes to Instagram messaging, and how to craft the most impactful DM for Instagram that will guarantee you get a response.

What is a DM for Instagram?

If you use Instagram, you have probably sent a DM to a friend at some point. It's a message that only that person can see, and can also be in response to anything they’ve posted. In short, it's like a private chat between two (or more) people.

While you can use DM for Instagram to message your close contacts, you can also use it to reach potential customers that follow your business. Speaking directly to your followers helps build trust and helps your brand stand out from your competition.

A third of all Instagram Stories come from business accounts, and 20% of these posts elicit at least one DM from a consumer. 

With DMs, you can privately build up trust and offer value to your network. People are already conducting business on the app, why not keep it all in one place?

What are the benefits of DMs? 

  • Connect with your customers where they are

  • Build loyalty and trust

  • Stick out from the competition and drive more sales

  • Hashtags can help direct ideal clients or add clarity to your products

  • Provide a great customer experience

How do you know who to send a Sales DM to?

The key thing to remember is that you are there to offer value. So the question is, who can you help? It pays to do some market research to narrow down your target audience on Instagram, where your sales DM will resonate the most. Furthermore, you will want to message existing followers, or risk having your DM end up in a "message request" folder.

If ideal customers are not following you back, you can try posting content that adds value. For example, product previews and upcoming events gain attention.

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Use effective DM templates

When someone follows your account, it's a good idea to send a welcome message to thank them. It's a great way to break the ice for a future sales DM.

Business accounts on Instagram can also automatically send a welcome message when someone contacts them directly. It's a good chance to give them a brief look at your value proposition and invite them to ask questions.

You can also respond directly to a post on a prospect’s Instagram Story Viewer. This is your opportunity to engage with their content and find some common ground. 

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Effective times to send a sales DM on Instagram:

1. Special offers. You already know that your followers have at least some interest in your products or services. So offer them a special discount code via DM that they can use at checkout.

Example: "We've noticed your interest in our brand, and we wanted to extend a special offer!"

You can also use this to reward followers who have tagged your business in a post or have been following you for some time.

2. Updates about product launches. Send a personal invitation to your followers to try out a new product and invite them to leave feedback. This can also be used in tandem with a special offer.

Example: "Exciting news! We're about to launch [a new product or service] and we're giving you a chance to preview it before everyone else!"

If you have any big-name followers (influencers), this is a good chance to invite them to collaborate. They get a free product (or at least a free trial), and you get tagged in their viral post.

3. Personalized customer service follow-ups. Has a follower asked you a question on your post, or made a positive comment? Perhaps they have even offered valid criticism? You can DM them to ensure they are satisfied with the response.

Example: "You recently had a question about your product experience. Was the response to your satisfaction?"

Plan, manage, and schedule DMs for Instagram in advance

It's a good idea to utilize sales DMs, while adding Instagram hashtags for focus. This way, your customers don't miss any important announcements or updates. One way to achieve this is by creating a content calendar to follow. Another way is to work with a company like Wrk and their Hybrid Automation Platform to send customized DMs directly to your audience. 

Instagram DM Checklist:

  • Customers like quick responses to their DMs, which is why templates are ideal.

  • Consider replying to direct messages about your Instagram story viewer content.

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